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- Flood Warning System


HydroTel is iQuest's flagship telemetry system. It has proven itself in many demanding applications worldwide as a leading-edge, high performance hydrological and environmental telemetry monitoring and database system. HydroTel is used by the majority of regional councils in New Zealand and Australia as their front-line environmental telemetry monitoring and flood warning system. In fact, over 70% of New Zealand's population live in areas that are monitored and protected by HydroTel telemetry systems.


HydroTel has not only been designed for data acquisition, data processing and comprehensive alarm management, but also as a powerful and reliable remote telemetry system to control barrage gate and/or flood pump stations.

With a comprehensive range of output options, data can be exported to other systems, presented on the Internet or automatically created and despatched in report format.

External modelling systems interface seamlessly with HydroTel, obtaining source data and then postingforecasted results back into HydroTel to make use of its powerful alarm management tool functions.

In addition to our HydroTel telemetry systems, we also offer EcoBase. This is a database system that assists with the storage of ecological data. It provides tools to assist with the importing, validation, reporting and analysis of the imported data.

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