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Mentor Embedded Hypervisor includes support for ARM TrustZone to secure critical information and software. Support for guest operating systems & environments including Linux, Nucleus and bare metal.

Build highly reliable and high performance systems

Mentor Embedded Hypervisor is a small footprint Type 1 hypervisor designed and built specifically for embedded applications. The high performance enables systems to boot quickly while minimizing the impact on guest operating system execution.

Where available, hypervisor takes advantage of the virtualization capabilities built into the silicone for efficient performance.

Multicore or single core flexibility

Run the hypervisor on single or multicore architectures, supporting asymmetric multiprocessing (AMP), symmetric multiprocessing (SMP), or a combination of both. Flexible scheduling algorithm allows for a single Virtual Machine to run on multiple cores, or a multiple Virtual Machine to run on a single core – or multiple Virtual Machines to run on multiple cores in a variety of configurations.

Secure by design

Enable strong isolation and containment of guest operating environments. Operating at the highest privilege level in a system the hypervisor can enforce the partitioning of memory and devices to ensure applications do not disrupt or corrupt areas of the system.

Integrated tools and analysis

Debug and solve performance problems by understanding system-wide interactions using Mentor Embedded Sourcery Analyzer, a powerful embedded design analysis solution that combines data visualization capabilities with a unique performance analysis engine. Sourcery Analyzer will help unlock new insights into today’s complex embedded systems that integrate data from multiple operating systems.

Support for ARM TrustZone

Integrated support for system security architecture allows normal and secure world applications. For hardware-based partitioning of resources including memory, crypto blocks, keyboard and touch screens the hypervisor supports a complete separate secure world operating environment. Learn more about Embedded Security with ARM TrustZone

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