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The iDee project aims to directly involve people and communities in the River Dee catchment in environmental recording. Using the iDee website you can submit your own records of river conditions in the Dee catchment in the form of a geo-referenced photograph of the river together with simple assessments of water clarity, flow speed and algae cover.

Available on the App Store

You can view records submitted by other people to see how conditions in the catchment change over time. Please note that new records are approved before being made available to view.

iDee is now an app for Apple mobile devices. Click here to go to the Apple app store.

Any personal details submitted using these pages will be kept strictly private and are used solely to validate the information submitted. No information submitted as name, email address or affiliated institution will be made accessible on this site.

There is no requirement to register to submit records. However, as we develop the system there will be opportunities to become involved in specific projects for which you will need to register to gain specialist access.

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