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When the lights go on in the supermarket, electricity consumption increases. The same applies when the product line of a car manufacturer starts moving. Our software and hardware products take care of reading and reliable transfer of consumption data to energy companies and municipalities.

Maximum independence of the field

Being able to capture measuring data of a variety of electricity, gas and water meters made by different manufacturers by means of diverse communication routes such as radio, electricity, telecommunications or IT infrastructures – that would be the perfect scenario for meter operators.

Our Metering Information System IDSpecto offers this scenario. Based on a multi-HES adapter, various devices can be connected to device-specific interfaces thus meeting the respective demands. This is flexible and economic. And as we are thinking about tomorrow already today, IDSpecto is also able to reliably manage meters for exit quantities or industrial meters and smart metering systems. Almost 100% of the data you receive can be used for billing purposes.

With IDSpecto, you can use many HES systems via one user interface

All devices on one user interface thanks to the multi-HES Adapter

The concept of our multi-HES adapter enables you to manage various head-end systems and devices in parallel – from today's exit quantity meters to administrating smart meter gateways or smart metering systems in the future.

Acting like a translator, the adapter receives data of various head-end systems (HES) via their interfaces, standardizes the data and forwards it to the user interface IDSpecto.DAYOS. The user benefits from a uniform visualization as getting used to different programs is no longer required. With one user interface, the user can easily keep track and accomplish tasks without being forced to switch between different software programs. Devices which do not have their own system are integrated into the interface by means of one of the hundreds of drivers provided by our tried-and-tested module IDSpecto.collector.

Compact or detailed – get the information you require

The process-oriented interface of IDSpecto.DAYOS reliably guides users though upcoming tasks in daily business. In case you, for example, have to create a new control point, required details are requested step by step and data already stored in the database is applied automatically. Thanks to the customizable dashboard, the user gets information about current system status and pending processes at a glance. Even in heterogeneous application environment and even if tasks become more complex and complicated, users stay informed easily and always know what to do. This way, the number of possible mistakes is reduced and processes are accelerated.

However, if you need technical details, you should make use of the wide range of functions provided by IDSpecto.ADMIN. This module provides an interface that can be used to, for example, store technical data of a meter type, set up communication with devices (eg enter telephone numbers, IP addresses, time of reading) or configure interfaces to forward data to other systems.

Receive data of smart metering systems - securely, fully compliant, flexibly

IDSpecto.HES.SMGW guarantees secure, certificate-based reception of encrypted energy data by authorized external market partners. In doing so, the flexible concept of IDSpecto supports a large number of different smart meter gateways (SMGWs) and manufacturers on field level: at present first-generation devices and in future those devices compatible with the requirements defined by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). This way you not only comply with TR-03109 but also remain independent with regard to data reception to the greatest possible degree.

And our starter kits IDSpecto.GWA and IDSpecto.HES.SMGW serve as practical introduction into the topic 'Security'.

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