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IHS Energy & Carbon Solution

Allowing you to optimize energy use across your operations while reducing your organization’s carbon footprint. The IHS Energy & Carbon Solution™ helps organizations optimize energy consumption, lower operational costs and meet sustainability objectives for reduced carbon emissions. We provide a blend of software, content and expertise to enable effective carbon and energy management that support both voluntary and mandatory carbon reporting as part of an overall strategy for Enterprise Sustainability Management.

Global organizations, especially those in asset-intensive and high energy-use industries, face rising energy costs today, as well as the risk of future price volatility. Executives are turning to IHS to gain insights into operational and asset performance that will enable them to optimize energy use and minimize carbon emissions across their facilities.

The IHS Energy & Carbon Solution addresses a variety of critical challenges to help you improve your operational and sustainability performance including:

  • Energy Efficiency Management: Track and analyze energy consumption and utilization from all sources including the physical asset or equipment level, in near real time, at a local facility or enterprise-wide. This enables you to gain actionable insights to reduce energy use and associated costs down to each asset.
  • Cost Management: Track and manage the cost of energy consumption at the individual asset levels.  Effectively apply complex cost models that can directly leverage metered consumption values, affording you the means to compare actual bill charges against actual usage values.
  • Asset Performance Optimization: Identify opportunities for performance optimization by benchmarking performance across classes of assets at a facility, or enterprise-wide.
  • Forecasting and What-if Analysis: Project energy consumption forward in time based on production variables or incorporate estimated performance of future energy improvement projects. Create ‘what if’ scenarios and overlay physical changes to a system to analyze side by side performance of actual and hypothetical scenarios without impacting the ‘as built’ energy model.
  • Portfolio and Project Management: Generate energy improvement and carbon abatement curves to support project investment decision-making with companion tools that track project returns on investment based on actual performance. 
  • Carbon/Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions: Monitor and manage carbon at the asset level, providing complete emissions inventories calculations from the bottom-up.  Track carbon emissions from direct or indirect sources to generate a carbon footprint inventory used in sustainability reporting. Compare current carbon emissions against those forecasted at the individual asset level, facility, or enterprise level to gain operational insight. 
  • Performance Monitoring & Analysis: Gain access to actionable insight through configurable role-based dashboards that enable tracking of key sustainability performance indicators and time-based metrics at any organizational level. Effectively support management of change at any business or operational level with powerful and flexible configuration tools. 
  • Internal and External Stakeholder Reporting: Consolidate corporate-wide energy and carbon data for internal and external stakeholders. This enables effective and verifiable environmental reporting to respond to regulatory, corporate compliance, and voluntary reporting protocols such as the Carbon Disclosure Project. 

IHS also provides the industry’s most comprehensive managed regulatory content and associated workflow processes to ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations around the world. Our experts maintain and monitor in-depth information about regulations such as the U.S. Clean Air and Water Act, the European Pollutant Emission Register and Australia’s National Pollutant Inventory. IHS also specializes in monitoring and publishing online regulatory text for the U.S., Canada and Mexico.  This online regulatory content service is integrated with IHS software to facilitate the assignment and tracking of tasks at the operational level in order to drive end-to-end compliance.

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