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In his best-selling book “Seismic Petrophysics in Quantitative Interpretation” Lev Vernik states that many areas of conventional geosciences may not be directly applied to unconventional oil and gas reservoirs. Therefore, a special effort must be undertaken to marry some of the conventional workflows of reservoir characterisation with tasks we frequently encounter in unconventional resource plays. For example, organic richness of unconventional mudrocks in combination with their level of maturity may not only account for the best reservoir quality but also forecast the most optimal completion quality. Until now these two have been controversial concepts. However, by applying principles of seismic petrophysics it is possible to reconcile them, while still recognising limitations of using seismic data in the reservoir characterisation process.

During 2017 Lev Vernik, a world expert in rock physics, who pioneered the research on seismic rock properties of organic shales at Stanford more than 25 years ago, and a team of developers at Ikon Science have been working to bring a series (17) of unconventional rock-physics-models (RPMs) into RokDoc. These theoretical models benefit from empirical calibrations using both log measurements and core data. The RokDoc environment provides a great opportunity to use these RPMs (and property prediction functions based on them) in data analysis and estimation of key reservoir qualities such as TOC, porosity, and saturation, as well as key completion quality indicators such as stress profiles. 

The RPMs have been implemented into RokDoc and have been delivered as part of the RokDoc 6.5.0 version release, providing significant value to all existing Ikon Science RokDoc software customers. Furthermore, they can potentially be tied with the state-of-the-art seismic inversion software Ji-Fi, a trademark of Ikon Science. With the addition of this new toolset, the marriage of petrographic observations and log measurements with seismic data is fully facilitated across a broad spectrum of unconventional resource plays, greatly benefiting teams engaged in all stages of unconventional reservoir characterisation.

In order to deliver maximum value from these new tools, Lev Vernik will be teaching a bespoke course exclusively with Ikon Science.  The course seeks to integrate petrophysics with seismic using a rock physics approach. Lev champions the belief that the seismic petrophysics specialty and expertise are a critical component in solving the key challenges relating to the characterisation of unconventional reservoirs. 

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