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- Aircraft Noise Calculation


The aircraft noise module provided in IMMI has been specially developed for meeting the requirements of aircraft noise prediction. The noise characteristic of aircraft noise causes short, but high peak levels, which can lead to sleep disorders of residents in the vicinity of airports. The aircraft noise module provides the user interface and the range of functions of the other IMMI modules. IMMI complies with the requirements of the German Federal Environmental Agency for programs for the calculation of noise protection areas at airports according to ECAC.CEAC.Doc. 29.

Aircraft noise calculation methods: 

  • European method: ECAC. CEAC Doc. 29 
  • National German methods: AzB/AzB-L and DIN 45684 
  • National Austrian method: ÖAL 24

More topics: 

  • Definition of landing and takeoff runways
  • Modelling of flight routes, helicopter routes and traffic circuits according to the DES system
  • Input of flight movements for day, evening and night
  • Emission data base included
  • Calculation of Lden, Lday, Levening, Lnight, Lday(16h), NAT, Nawr (study of DLR concerning awakening reaction)
  • Flight path width can be optionally displayed in the scheme
  • 2 wake-up reaction criteria according to Jansen and Griefahn

IMMI supports the standard data-acquisition system for airports and airfields, which significantly simplifies and speeds up data preparation and input, making simulation and frequent calculation of reception points with new input data extremely facile and fast! IMMI comes with the Austro-German noise emission database, which is tightly integrated into the data-acquisition systems for airports.

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