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- Precise and efficient software for noise prediction and dispersion of air pollutants


Self-explanatory and intuitive – Immission control made easy For more than 20 years, service providers, authorities and industrial companies have been relying on IMMI as one of the leading software tools in the field of immission control. IMMI is our software package for the calculation of sound propagation outdoors, noise exposure in workrooms and propagation of air pollutants. IMMI is: - easy and efficient to use i.e. they have access to all relevant functions via a self-explanatory user interface - adaptable to the individual users and makes your work easier with customizable user interface and reports - accurate due to quality-assured application of all propagation models that are relevant in immission control - a highly sophisticated software – 30 years of service, product development and work in standards committees speak for themselves. IMMI is the perfect tool for immission control.


IMMI is continuously adapted to meet the requirements of evolving regulations and standards. Depending on the calculation method, IMMI calculates Leq, Lday, Levening, Lnight, Lden, LAmax, L10 and other sound or statistical indicators. 

Currently IMMI can be equipped with: 

  • noise calculation methods for road traffic noise, railway traffic noise, air transport noise and industrial / recreational noise
  • more than 30 national and international noise calculation methods

Noise Mapping gained additional importance with the arrival of Directive 2002/49/EC which is related to the assessment and management of environmental noise. IMMI is equipped with a full set of functions to produce Strategic Noise Maps of major roads, major railways, major airports and major agglomerations.

Noise propagation calculation methods according to 2002/49/EC: Road Traffic Noise: XP S 31-133/NMPB+Guide du Bruit - Railway Noise: RMR-SRM II-1996 - Industrial Noise: ISO 9613-2 - Aircraft Noise: ECAC. CEAC Doc. 29 and all European national methods.

Ready for the future: All guidlines according CNOSSOS-EU are also available.


Depending on the type of noise and the national legal requirements, the calculation is based on the applicable propagation model. Application-specific support is provided by individual program functions. In addition to outdoor sound propagation, IMMI also enables you to calculate the sound propagation in rooms, including a function for room acoustic design according to DIN 18041 and for the calculation of the dispersion of air pollutants.

  • Calculation of industrial noise
  • Calculation of road or rail traffic noise
  • Calculation of workplace noise
  • Calculation of aircraft noise
  • Noise mapping and action plans
  • Calculation of air pollutants

IMMI – always the right software package for your immission prognosis task

IMMI covers a very wide range of applications – from the simple immission prognosis in case of questions regarding neighborhood noise up to noise mapping for entire countries. Depending on the size to be assessed and the applicable country-specific regulations, the required range of functions can be defined for the user. In order to be able to create the best and most cost-effective package for every user, IMMI has a modular design.

4 Packages are available:

  • IMMI Basic is the cost-efficient solution for all those who require calculations with optimal accuracy and complete documentation of input and output data.
  • IMMI Standard is a comfortable entry-level into the world of noise mapping.
  • IMMI Plus is the next step upwards to model, calculate, analyze and present projects of varying size.
  • IMMI Premium is the ultimate professional tool for noise prediction and large-scale noise mapping.

The IMMI user-interface is available in a variety of languages: English, French, German, Italian, Dutch and more to come.

Use the configurator to request an offer: https://www.immi.eu/software/request-an-offer/?L=1

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