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- The Software Solution for Noise

SELF-EXPLANATORY AND INTUITIVE – IMMISSION CONTROL MADE EASY As one of the leading software tools in immission control, service providers, authorities and industrial companies have been relying on IMMI for more than 30 years. IMMI is our software package for noise calculation outdoors, noise pollution in working areas and dispersion of air pollutants.


You can use IMMI for:

  • Calculating industrial noise: IMMI supports you with any question in the field of industrial noise – from the calculation of a new supermarket according to TA Lärm, the assessment of sports or leisure facilities as well as the calculation and assessment of construction noise

  • Calculating traffic noise: IMMI is best suited for the calculation of traffic noise according to Lden or conveniently applicable in urban land use planning according to DIN18005.

  • Calculating noise in working areas: IMMI allows for the calculation of noise in work places and supports room acoustic design according to DIN 18041

  • Calculating aircraft noise: IMMI's Aircraft Noise Module was developed specifically to meet the requirements of aircraft noise prediction. The IMMI software meets the requirements of the German Federal Environment Agency for a program for the calculation of noise protection areas at airports according to AzD/AzB 2008 and the EU-Directive 2015/996 (CNOSSOS-EU)

  • Noise mapping and action planning: IMMI enables precise noise mapping according to the EU Environmental Noise Directive 2002/49/EC for road traffic noise, rail traffic noise, industrial noise and aircraft noise.

  • Calculating air pollutants: With the Pollutant Module in IMMI, the dispersion calculation of gas, dust and odor is possible according to the particle model (TA Luft 2002/AUSTAL2000) as well as the Gauss model (TA Luft 1986).

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