eVision Industry Software

- Multi-Purpose Incident System Software


The Incident software system of eVision is a multi-purpose incident system. The software system tracks and reports near misses, property damage, medical cases (medivac) and spills (oil spills and other), besides these incidents the Incident Vision tracks all incidents on automated process and safety systems like DCS, SCADA, ESD and fire & gas systems.

The incident software systems makes it easy to report incidents and track incidents. Set corrective actions, track and follow up on these actions. Another very important feature of the incident system is the generated reports. These detailed reports help understand and analyze problems on installations and help prevent future incidents. The Incident software system is designed to fully integrate with all exesiting eVIsion software systems enabling faster and more accurate analyses. The entire system is highly configurable and designed to meet client specific requirements.

Besides creating multiple types of incident reports the system is equipped with real-time analyses tools. KPI’s can be set and can be tracked via dashboards systems.

  • Incident Tracking & Reporting
  • Fully flexible on incident types
  • KPI dashboard integrated
  • Graphically displays incident on plotplans
  • Integrated with Permit to Work software for incident prevention

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