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Industry is a central software module for XRD analysis that is designed to support industrial users with routine analysis. It automates production and quality control for our XRD instruments, effectively turning them into fully automatic, remotely controlled laboratories. It makes simple work of routine operations, with high-level macros defining measurement strategies and performing a complete analysis.

Custom analysis programs

X'Pert Industry is programmed to control your diffractometer. Analysis programs can incorporate conditional measurements, make calculations using equations and calibrated coefficients, place messages on the status bar, and generate reports. Users can generate their own analysis models and optimize calibrations using their own standards.

Macro language

X'Pert Industry uses a macro language to define measurement strategies and analysis. It is possible to pre-define sequences that enable an operator to initiate a set of functions with just one button.

Push-button user interface

X'Pert Industry includes a standard toolbar including most common tasks, facilitating ease of use for the operator. Customer-specific buttons can be added.

Remote control operation

X'Pert Industry can be controlled from a remote site via an automation network. For this purpose, a simple file transfer protocol is defined. Optionally, you can use PANalytical's Universal Automation Interface.

Current version: 1.1h

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