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- Radio Frequency Identification Reader (RFID)


Innovatrac consists of an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) transponder installed on each waste container, plus an truck-mount RFID reader and computer and the software to manage everything and to produce reports. The RFID transponder is an electronic chip requiring no battery. It contains a unique serial number being read together with the geographic coordinates through a GPS by the truck’s on-board recorder. These data are then transmitted through the cell phone network to a a main server’s data bank. This serial number is then matched into the databank to a building owner and its street address.

  • RFID reader
  • Truck-mount RFID antenna
  • On-board computer in truck
  • Optional touch screen in truck
  • Optional video camera
  • Innovatrac™ server software (manages database and generates reports)

Those data allow municipalities to generate reports identifying opportunities to increase recycling and composting. For example, letters could be sent to residents who are not taking their recycle bin to the curb side often enough, thus encouraging them to recycle more. Letters could also be sent to residents who are using their yard waste bin on a regular basis to congratulate them and encourage them to keep this good habit of keeping a green planet. All this will help reduce landfilling fees as well as greenhouse gas.

This information allows haulers involved in commercial and industrial waste collection to better manage their accounts. It provides proof of collection with date, time and place. It also allows the hauler to be certain that no unauthorised container be emptied and that clients in default of payment be excluded of future service.

  • Cart collection history
  • Truck and driver’s work history
  • Residents waste management history
  • Accurate and up to date cart inventory
  • Facilitates recovery of stolen and displaced carts
  • Pay per use billing
  • Provides data to stimulate good recycling habits and discourage bad ones
  • Simplifies route planning
  • Eliminates waste collection from bad accounts
  • Increases accuracy in invoicing
  • Allows control of contaminants and overfilled carts
  • Allows control of broken carts
  • Web based, therefore accessibility from anywhere in the world
  • Detailed description of software

External Server

  • Two software servers are used in order to guarantee that the database won’t be accessible to external parties, thus creating a strong firewall. The EXTERNAL server is installed in DMZ zone (non secured zone) and receives the data sent from the collection trucks. The received data consist in the transponders ID, the date and time and their location. It stores these data in a temporary database and makes sure no data is lost.

Internal Server

  • The INTERNAL server located on the opposite side of the firewall, hence in a secured zone, collects the data from the EXTERNAL server. It then validates and stores these data in the proper place within the SQL database of the processing software.

Processing Software

  • Based on the WEB technology, this software allows the users to key in the information related to the customer/resident, containers, trucks, assignment, A screen allows users to access quickly all information related to any one customer.
  • A powerful and flexible report generator creates reports based on the criteria entered by the user. This report can then be exported to Excel or Adobe Reader (pdf) files.
  • The last module allows users to detect any potential error in real time. It detects either, unassigned, displaced or non-approved containers, or those without RFID transponder.

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