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- Version 3.16 - Seismic and Microseismic Processing, Analysis and Visualisation Software



InSite-Geo™ is an integrated versatile data acquisition, processing, management and visualization software developed for microseismic studies and other seismology applications.

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  • DESIGN: Microseismic survey design tools to plan arrays and meet engineering objectives.
  • ACQUISITION: Real-time data acquisition and processing with customizable triggering settings.
  • PROCESSING: Manual and automated processing with efficient workflows. Complex velocity models and sophisticated algorithms for microseismic location.
  • INTERPRETATION: Full 3D visualization of events and objects with intuitive movement through scene. Enhanced interpretation of microseismic clouds.
  • UNDERSTANDING: Improve understanding of mechanics with calculation and visualization of moment tensors.

InSite-Geo is an integrated data acquisition, management, processing, visualization and interpretation software developed for seismological studies. Provides a solution for all seismology applications, ranging in scale from acoustic emissions in the laboratory, through microseismics around mining and petroleum fields, up to regional-scale earthquakes.

Manage your data with comprehensive import and export of raw and processed event data. Locate events through simple and complex velocity models. Carry out manual and automated waveform processing. Visualize seismic events, field objects, geological structures and analysis objects.

InSite-Geois developed in a version controlled environment within a quality management system. InSite has been available as a commercial product for two decades and has been used by leading companies for quality assurance, postprocessing, reprocessing and advanced analysis.

Technical support is provided by geophysicists with experience in commercial projects in the oil & gas sector. We offer open software training courses from our Shrewsbury office and can provide bespoke training solutions for companies online or in person.

  • Import data from a range of common formats including SEGY, SEG2, SEGD, SEISAN, SEED, MiniSEED, GCF, SAC.
  • Event detection and triggering from data streams.Windows-based graphical user interface.Manual or automatic processing of event data with range of sophisticated automatic arrival-picking, source location and source parameter algorithms.
  • Rotation of waveforms from triaxial or quadraxial instruments into ray coordinate systems and display of particle motions on hodogram plotsDisplay of color-density sonograms and polarisograms.
  • Ray-tracing algorithms with complex velocity structures to locate microseismic events within a 3D volume (including anisotropy).Storage and management of event parameters and waveforms on a shared remote PC for easy access by multiple users managed with Microsoft's SQL server.
  • Display of the event locations in a 3D scene, allowing rotating, panning, magnifying and flying through the scene plus creation of hot planes and 3D objects.
  • Velocity analysis for 'active' data for velocity and amplitude information including waveform cross-correlation algorithm for repeated surveys.
  • Calculation and visualisation of source mechanisms and fault plane solutions.
  • Advanced interpretation tools including customizable charting of event parameters (e.g. b-values, magnitudes), display of preferential orientation described by events through statistical analysis of spatial distribution, uncertainty volumes, and cluster analysis.
  • Analysis of array performance through the calculation of misfit, magnitude sensitivity and error space.

  • Mining
  • Induced seismicity
  • Geothermal
  • Geotechnical
  • Tunnelling
  • Engineering

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