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- Version 3D - Advanced Marine Structure Design Software


SmartMarine 3D is the most advanced marine asset and ship design software offered in two decades. It is our next-generation, data-centric, rule-driven solution for streamlining marine asset design processes while preserving existing data and making it more usable/re-usable. SmartMarine 3D is a complementary, full-suite solution that provides all the software capabilities needed to design and build a marine structure.

SmartMarine 3D addresses marine engineering and ship construction requirements throughout the asset's life cycle. It provides a full range of flexible asset design, production, and life cycle management capabilities within a single integrated environment. It provides marine structure contractors, owners, and shipbuilding companies with better decision support capabilities to facilitate global design, production, and life cycle optimization – ultimately making them more competitive.

SmartMarine 3D ship design software is a forward-looking product that will forever change the way marine structures are engineered and designed. It breaks through the constraints imposed by traditional design technology. Rather than focusing on simply achieving design, SmartMarine 3D effectively enables optimized ship design and construction, increasing productivity and shortening project schedules.

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SmartMarine 3D offers marine asset contractors, owners, and shipbuilding companies a competitive advantage by:

  • Providing a true multidiscipline design environment where all ship designs are fully visible to all parties.
  • Speeding up the ship structural design process by reducing the number of keystrokes/mouse-clicks required to perform design tasks.
  • Enabling streamlined ship design processes, eliminating rework and manual checking, shortening project schedules.
  • Allowing marine asset designers, shipyards, subcontractors/suppliers, authorities, marine engineering consultants, and others to manage and execute projects across company borders easily and effectively, substantially reducing cost and shortening project schedules for new ship manufacturing and construction.
  • Automatically generating shipbuilding plans, drawings, and reports, reducing the cost of design and providing accurate, up-to-date documentation of the design at any time.
  • Integrating with complementary Intergraph ship design software such as SmartPlant® Instrumentation and SmartPlant P&ID.
  • Capturing new and existing design knowledge so it can be saved and re-used in future ship designs, preserving your corporate knowledge and providing for continuity and design innovation.

  • Intergraph offers a tight integration between the world-class nesting solution of Alma, called act/cut, and our SmartMarine 3D solution. This solution optimizes material usage within the offshore and shipbuilding industries from design to production by offering advanced automatic nesting capabilities, as well as user-friendly interfaces.
  • Download Download act/cut for Yards Brochure
  • The DNV Software MarineSolutions address integration of design and analysis tasks within and among different disciplines. This enhances today's CAD and CAE technology and places increased functionality in the hands of marine designers and engineers. The result is more efficient concurrent engineering work processes, leading to faster, more economical and better design, engineering and construction.

The capabilities provided by SmartMarine 3D streamline and compress the entire ship design and construction process, reducing project schedules. These capabilities include:

  • Design rules, which increase data quality, ensure design integrity, and contribute to a level of automation for ship layout, design, and production unmatched by any other marine structure design/production system.
  • Hull and outfitting interference checking, which provides consistent management of change and enables interferences to be resolved at the moment they are created.
  • Advanced component and detailing catalogs, which allow pre-configuration of ship manufacturing equipment characteristics and enable full freedom in choosing shop fabrication lines for hull/outfitting without redesign.
  • Automation of routine tasks, i.e., customized rules drive the detailing of structural plates and profiles; placing of stiffener end-cuts; definition of stiffener penetrations, seam cutouts, notches, etc.; and the determination of weld details, based on the geometry of the connection.
  • Automated drawing generation capabilities, which reduce the cost of ship design and provide accurate, up-to-date documentation of the design.

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