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Intuitive Workflow System

Eonfusion workflow consists of two main parts: building a dataflow and building a scene view. A dataflow is built by simply creating dataflow objects and linking them together. This is done in an easy-to-use visual environment. Data source objects read data from files, databases or the web. Operator objects perform operations on the data: either modifying the data in some way, fusing data together or creating new data via analysis. View objects provide visual access to the data via 4D scenes, graphs, tables or data structures.

Once a dataflow has been created it is easily re-used, archived or shared with other Eonfusion users.
A scene view is built by combining visualizer objects (attached to the data) with gadgets and views.

  • 'Visualizers' turn the data into visible objects like point spheres, lines or surfaces. They use rule sets to determine the color, size and other features of the object.
  • 'Gadgets' provide additional context for the scene view. These include a sun position and moon phase indicator (based on the scene's time slider), a grid and a velocity (magnitude/direction) indicator.
  • 'Views' such as a graph view (dynamically linked to the scene's slider) and media views (for linking video or image data to a spatial feature) complete the scene by providing additional insight to the data.

Once the scene view is built it can easily be explored in space and time. Scene views are included in dataflow exports, so they can easily be shared with other Eonfusion users.

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