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Xdq Server is a Windows Service for remote data collection and reconfiguration of Isodaq Telemetry Loggers under GPRS. It monitors a specified TCP/IP port for incoming logger calls and can process multiple sessions simultaneously. No modems are required (or supported). There is no set limit to the number of calls that can be processed simultaneously. Data from loggers is stored in a data tree in XML format, and exported to a specified folder and format for use by third-party software.

Versions are available for Windows XP and Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008. Downloads give a 7 day Unlimited trial.

  • Receives calls from Isodaq telemetry loggers via GPRS
  • Stores time series data in XML and other file formats on a local file system, which may be a network share.
  • Automatic reconfiguration of loggers from reset files placed in the data tree
  • Appears as an icon in the Windows taskbar tray.


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