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- Version 2.7 - Noise Monitoring Software


Jade Noise 2.7 is the latest version of our Jade 2 environmental noise monitoring software package for Microsoft Windows NT4/2000/2003/XP. Jade Noise 2.7 turns your computer into a low-cost data logger for monitoring environmental noise. Capture noise data direct from the conditioned AC output of a sound level meter using a standard PC sound card and then analyze the results on a computer. Jade Noise 2 enables you to use almost any meter with an AC output as a data-logging, integrating meter generating a wide range of statistics. Jade Noise will work with a variety of meters from manufacturers such as Cirrus Research, CEL, Bruel and Kjaer, Onno Sokki and others.

  1. First use Jade Noise's capture facilities to record sound levels, mark noise events and note observations. Jade Noise lets you see the data as it is captured both in a chart and in a large 'sound level meter' type display. You can also view the running statistics during data capture (Lpk and up to eight statistics of your choice).
  2. Next use Jade Noise's viewing facilities to view the resulting noise traces and observations. Zoom in and out of the charts to view the data at different levels of detail, edit your observations, and print both charts and notes. You can also view the statistics.
  3. Finally, use Jade Noise's export facilities to export charts, statistics and notes (for example, for inclusion in a report). With Jade Noise Professional you can also export the data to a spreadsheet application.

Jade Noise 2.7 provides a full range of statistical calculations for all types of noise monitoring situations, such as:

  • Health and safety (Noise at Work). For example: Losha, Ldod, Lep,d and dose.
  • Community noise. For example: Ldn, Ld12, Leve and Lnight.
  • General noise. For example: Leq and Ln (percentile) statistics.

Comparison Between Jade Noise Professional and Jade Noise Community
Jade Noise 2 comes in two versions: Jade Noise Professional and Jade Noise Community. Jade Noise Community is a FREE version of Jade Noise and is intended for simple noise monitoring applications capturing data over a short period of time (2 hours or less). Jade Noise Community has certain limitations compared to Jade Noise Professional. These are summarised in the table below.

Base Recording Rate From 50 or 20 per second (depending on sound card capabilities) to once every 5 seconds. Limited to base recording rates of 5 or 10 samples per second.
Viewing Data No limitations on opening data other than available memory and disk space. Maximum of 40000 samples at one time.
Statistics Common statistics supplied. Can also define your own exposure statistics. Pre-defined list of statistics.
Events Allows you to set up your own event labels to mark noise events with meaningful names (that is, customised event bars). Standardised event labels in a single pre-defined event bar.
Measurement Profiles Allows you to define your own measurement profiles that determine when and for how long data capture occurs, including intermittent data capture. Pre-defined list of measurement profiles. Intermittent data capture is not supported.
Measurement Notes Allows you to enter and edit notes and minor observations on your data capture. Not available.
Export Allows you to export notes and statistics reports as text. Can also export raw data, for example for use in your own spreadsheets. Can create your own export scripts or or modify the supplied scripts to produce your own customised export formats. Allows you to export the generated measurement details note and statistics reports as text (statistics for export are based on a maximum of 40000 data samples). Exporting raw data is not supported.

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