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Job Hazard Analysis Software



Meet all your needs with our solution. Generate reports, prevent worker injury and health issues, and perform JHA with ease. Utilize our software to learn where to focus your efforts. Find out where to take preventative measures that can keep employees healthy and productive.

Let Data Drive Decisions

Make data-driven decisions with extensive program management tools that track teams, tasks, hazards, risks, and results.

Gain Efficiency & Accuracy

Streamline your global job hazard analysis processes, and eliminate process failures.

Brief Your Employees

Prepare and educate your employees when they begin new jobs. All JHA reports include a complete explanation of every job task, hazard, and control.

Prioritize Hazards Automatically

Help your team focus on the key job safety activities. Our software automatically prioritizes hazards, so your team has the biggest impact possible.

Simplify your JHA workflows.

Enjoy an intuitive interface with easy access—and better decision making.

With user-friendly screens, all users are welcome to follow our solution’s step-by-step JHA process. Easily filter your views and navigate your dashboard. You can make data-driven decisions that take all available metrics into account.

Make JHAs simpler with notifications and in-app reivew.

If JHAs are assigned to team members, they can submit their JHAs for review and approval within our software. Everyone stays in the loop with email notifications throughout the JHA approval process.

Create straightforward reports in no time.

Communicate clearly with your team with easy-to-read job hazard reports from your data. You can print your automatically generated reports to share and review.

The Unique Enviance Advantage

  • Assign and track JHA progress for your entire team.
  • Maintain compliance with easily identified hazards and high-risk activities.
  • Orient new employees with valuable training and education through our software.
  • Help new team members quickly learn how to complete JHAs. Our software guides them through the process, so they can easily collect, enter, and complete JHAs assigned to them.

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