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JOBARIX, our preventive analysis software enables you to analyze every risk in relation to a task, a piece of equipment or a workstation. Designed step by step, this analysis will allow the identification of every danger and hazard, implement control measures and reduce risks for the affected workers. This simple, intuitive system is easy to use, so you can concentrate your efforts on increasing performance. With one efficient tool you have a sound, centralized, document management system. Look no further, JOBARIX translates into Simplicity, Efficiency and Ingenuity!

Software adapted to all business types!

For any field of work, JOBARIX allows you to perform analysis on:

  • A piece of equipment
  • A workstation
  • A task, or a sequence of tasks
  • Any other element that may present a danger

The ultimate goal is to reduce risks or eliminate hazards and to benefit from a healthier work environment. Knowing the risks to your business is the No.1 step in workplace safety!

Why perform a preventive analysis?

The task of performing a preventive analysis allows the detection of the risks that have to be mitigated through preventive measures. Once the analysis is concluded, it’s important to aim for the elimination, or at least the reduction of the identified risks. With the help of JOBARIX, it’s easier than ever to factually identify the causes of various dangers, to list those dangers and revise the work procedures as well as limit exposition through adequate corrective measures.

Analysis designed step by step

Any preventive analysis done with JOBARIX contains four main steps:

  1. Selecting the task we want to analyze
  2. Break down the task into a series of steps
  3. Identify potential hazards at every step
  4. Establish preventive measures to address each hazard

These four steps will allow you to reduce risks tied to different workstations or any equipment used. It’s therefore important to establish priorities in the analysis, depending on the frequency and severity of accidents.

Know where the dangers lie in your business

Get access to a comprehensive module listing all the hazards in your business, in addition to your training modules and documentation related to preventive analysis. These elements constitute excellent control measures to put in place. It’s even easily possible to connect to our training, skills and certifications software, SYNAPSE.

Get all necessary information in connection to your equipment
  • Gain access to a module dedicated to your equipment, allowing you to :know the safety devices attached to the equipment, their place of use, the frequency and types of inspections required, attach user manuals and other documentation, know equipment limitations.
  • Group together equipment used in the framework of different daily tasks or used as control measures.
Delegate tasks and save more time!

Because many preventive analysis can be similar in aspects such as identifying dangers and workers at risk, JOBARIX lets you duplicate certain information to save precious minutes of your time. In addition, through a persistent history of your data, you can follow the evolution of your preventive analysis in time and know when it needs to be revised.

Visually impeccable reports

With its detailed research module, JOBARIX allows you to get any information through its searchable fields. In a few clicks, you can get everything you need to know. It’s also important to be able to print, export or send by email a list of your analysis or specific sheet with a visually perfect result!

Look no further, you have everything at reach: the steps of analysis, the dangers and their sources, the people at risk, the hazardous equipment, the initial risks and the residual risks with graphics and statistics, topped with every document related to in your analysis. You also have the possibility to choose the sections you want to print so you can be as concise or as detailed as you want when communicating.

According to studies by AWCBC and INRS,over 900 work accident deaths are reported each year in Canada. Of these, investigations show that over half could have been avoided through task analysis and proper preventive measures. With a software in place that allows you to do this, you can organize and centralize each analysis to always get the same perfect result.

Real-time statistics

Display ‘flash’ indicators to compare the initial risks against residual risks and have comprehensive graphics and statistics to support that data. In addition, many other graphics are available, amongst which the possibility to view: types of dangers and location per site, types of analysis, dangers per step, sources of danger, people at risk, hazardous equipment, and many more!

Powered and designed with cutting-edge technologies

As a Cloud owner, Maerix ensures the confidentiality, integrity and security of your database. Powered by fiber optics, JOBARIX is designed according to the highest industry standards, making it the fastest and most secure connection possible.

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Seamless transition

Whether you currently use a spreadsheet or an outdated system that no longer meets your needs, the transition to our solutions is easy and seamless! You will be operational with your all-new database in no time. It’s that easy to switch from your old habits to JOBARIX the most powerful job hazard analysis management software.

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