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AquiferWin32 - Aquifer test results display and analysis

by RockWare, Inc.     based in Golden, COLORADO (USA)

AquiferWin32 Version 3 - the ultimate in pumping test analysis. AquiferWin32 is the most sophisticated software system for analysis and display of aquifer test results. AquiferWin32 combines powerful data management capabilities with everything you would expect in a Windows program. AquiferWin32 has been chosen by the Environment Agency of England ...

AQTESOLV - Pumping Test, Slug Test & Single-Well Test Analysis

by RockWare, Inc.     based in Golden, COLORADO (USA)

Pumping Test, Slug Test & Single-Well Test Analysis. AQTESOLV for Windows is the original all-in-one package for the design and analysis of aquifer tests, including pumping tests, step-drawdown tests, variable-rate tests, recovery tests, single-well tests, derivative analysis, flow to interceptor trenches, slug tests, and many others. Choose from ...

AquiferTest - Pumping & Slug Test Analysis, Interpretation & Visualization Software

by Waterloo Hydrogeologic     based in Kitchener, ONTARIO (CANADA)

AquiferTest is an easy-to-use software package for analyzing, interpreting and visualizing pumping and slug test data. Designed by hydrogeologists for hydrogeologists, AquiferTest delivers all the tools needed to accurately interpret data from all types of aquifers in all types of test conditions.

Pumping Test & Slug Test Data Analysis Software

by Advanced Groundwater Technologies (AGWT)     based in SERBIA

Establishing aquifer properties such as hydraulic conductivity and transmissivity is among the first steps to creating a defensible groundwater model.  It is also one of the most challenging as a result of the variablity in field conditions and solution methods. This is made easy with pumping test and slug test data analysis software that offers a ...

ABEM - TEM Solutions

by ABEM Instrument AB     based in Sundbyberg, SWEDEN

The transient electromagnetic (TEM or time domain electromagnetic TDEM) method is extremely effective in determining electrical conductivity of the subsurface at depths from a few meters down to several hundred meters. Since electrical conductivity of soil correlates strongly with soil properties, TEM is a powerful tool for mapping of conductive ...

ESCI - Version AT123D - Groundwater Transport and Fate Model

by Environmental Software Consultants, Inc. (ESCI)     based in Madison, WISCONSIN (USA)

AT123D is a generalized three-dimensional groundwater transport and fate model. AT123D is an acronym for Analytical Transient 1

Applied Groundwater Hydrology

by ZETA AMALTEA, S.L.     based in zaragoza, SPAIN

Our services in this area are focused to provide solutions to problems derived from the existence of underwater and to fully exploit hydro-geological and energetic resources.

GAEA - MIGRATEv9 Software

by GAEA Technologies Ltd.     based in Napanee, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Using the MIGRATEv9 software, contaminant transport from multiple sources, either at the surface or buried, can be modeled quickly and accurately in two-dimensions. Unlike finite element and finite difference formulations, MIGRATEv9 does not require the use of a 'time-marching' procedure. MIGRATEv9 uses a finite-layer technique (Rowe & Booker, ...

Hfam - Version II - Continuous Simulation Model Software

by Hydrocomp Inc.     based in Menlo Park, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Hfam II is based on the Stanford, HSP, HSPF,  SRFM and Seafm family of models. It is a continuous simulation model that does historical or forecast analysis and it includes probabilistic or ensemble forecasts of streamflows, reservoir levels and releases or power production.

GAEA - ESDAT - Environmental Data Management System

by GAEA Technologies Ltd.     based in Napanee, ONTARIO (CANADA)

ESDAT software is a specialist environmental data management system, for use by environmental consultants and site managers. ESdat is used for a variety of applications, particularly contaminated/industrial sites, groundwater investigations, general site environmental management and landfill.

2D Thermal Module

by Plaxis B.V.     based in Delft, NETHERLANDS

The 2D Thermal module is an extension to PLAXIS 2D. Some geotechnical applications need to consider the effect of heat flow on the hydraulic and the mechanical behaviour of the soil. PLAXIS 2D Thermal offers the tools to analyse the thermal flow in soil and its implications on the groundwater flow and the strains and stresses in the soil. This ...

Version RC - Recession Curves Analysis Software

by Hydro Office     based in Dubnica nad Vahom, SLOVAKIA

Unique tool for recession curves analysis of springs and rivers. The program allows you to quickly separate individual recession curves from a hydrograph, and then analyze the individual recession curves or the master recession curve. To assemble the master recession curve, you can use a manual method or the new method based on a hybrid genetic ...

ESCI - Version Bioscreen - Groundwater Transport and Fate Model

by Environmental Software Consultants, Inc. (ESCI)     based in Madison, WISCONSIN (USA)

BIOSCREEN is a screening level groundwater transport and fate model and is based on the Domenico analytical model. It simulates contaminant transport based on advection, dispersion, adsorption and biological decay. Contaminant transport can be simulated: Without biological decay, With biodegradation simulated as a first-order decay process, or ...


by Innovyze     based in Broomfield, COLORADO (USA)

H2OCalc is an easy-to-use, stand-alone program designed as a hydraulic and hydrology (H&H) toolbox to assist civil, environmental and water resources engineers with solving complex hydraulic problems quickly and accurately. Its powerful and comprehensive modeling capabilities let engineers streamline the hydraulic analysis and design of pipes, ...

RockWorks17 - Subsurface Data Visualization Software

by RockWare, Inc.     based in Golden, COLORADO (USA)

RockWorks17 is an all-in-one program that allows you to visualize, interpret, and present your surface and sub-surface data. It offers a SQLite or Access database for easy entry of downhole data plus powerful query tools. Interpolate surface and solid models. Compute reserve and overburden volumes. Present maps, logs, cross sections, fence ...

Hydro GeoAnalyst - Environmental Data Management, Analysis and Visualization Software

by Waterloo Hydrogeologic     based in Kitchener, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Hydro GeoAnalyst is the all-in-one groundwater and environmental data management system that stores and organizes environmental data, and helps you quickly create comprehensive analytical results that are reliable and easy to understand.

Rockworks - Geological, Geo-Environmental and Borehole Data Management System

by GeoMEM Ltd.     based in Dundee, UNITED KINGDOM

Rockworks is an industry leading geological data management, analysis and display application from Rockware. Now in version 16 Rockworks has evolved over more than 25 years into an application that can be used for almost any geological (oil, gas, petroeum, exploration, mining, quarrying), geo-environmental or geotechnical project. It can also be ...

PetraSim - Interactive model creation for advanced flow, transport and heat transfer models.

by RockWare, Inc.     based in Golden, COLORADO (USA)

Interactive model creation for advanced flow, transport and heat transfer models. PetraSim is the graphical interface for the TOUGH2 family of simulators. Developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, TOUGH2 and its derivatives are recognized for their powerful simulation capabilities for fluid flow and heat transfer in porous and fractured ...

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