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WEX - A Powerful Software Dedicated to Emissions Monitoring Systems

by Norditech Pty Ltd     based in Arndell Park, AUSTRALIA

WEX is a powerful software dedicated to emissions monitoring systems: Acquisition data from all type of monitoring instruments; Interactive configuration of measuring devices (acquisition systems, analysers, communication systems); Traceability of all events and technical information; Data control and Quality Assurance (QAL 2 and 3 according to EN ...

WINSCAN - Data Acquisition & Data Management Ssystem

by Norditech Pty Ltd     based in Arndell Park, AUSTRALIA

Allows automatic report edition of CEMs data in compliance with regulations in force in virtually any country.

Enablon - Version GHG-MS - Greenhouse Gas Emissions Software

by Enablon     Office in Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Climate change is at the forefront of business leaders’ minds. Not only are companies experiencing intense pressure from stakeholders to address the issue and take action, they are also now required to comply with an increasing number of regulations and standards. Within this context, the ability to accurately monitor, assess and report ...

FETS-RT Web - Compliance Assurance Monitoring Model

by Lakes Environmental Software     Distributor in AUSTRALIA

FETS-RT Web is a real-time web-based program which can demonstrate the correlation between pollutant emissions from industrial processes and their impact concentrations.


by Carbonflow Corp.     Office in Sydney, AUSTRALIA

CarbonMonitor is an automation and optimization tool, which tracks monitoring data with greater transparency and efficiency. CarbonMonitor will enable all project participants to be able to track all changes in monitoring data in close to real time. It uses a unique formula engine to implement approved methodologies for data calculation and ...

Ecotech WinAQMS - Data Acquisition System

by Ecotech Pty Ltd     based in Knoxfield, AUSTRALIA

WinAQMS is a data collection and control software and hardware for ambient air and emission monitoring applications. The Windows® based system which provides full control over an entire monitoring station, enabling readings to be recorded, automatic calibrations to be performed and system errors to be monitored. WinAQMS interfaces to analysers ...

Enablon - Version SPM - Sustainability Project Management Software

by Enablon     Office in Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Enablon SPM – Sustainability Projects Management assists in the creation, assessment and monitoring of sustainability initiatives and reduction programs throughout the organization at any level.

Enablon - Version AQS - Air Quality Management Software

by Enablon     Office in Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Complying with regulations on air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions is a requirement that is impossible to avoid. It is a prerequisite to continue doing business. In addition, stakeholders are increasingly requesting that companies demonstrate improvements in environmental performance.

JD Edwards

by Ndevr Pty Ltd     based in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

GHG Accounting Software for JD Edwards is complete and comprehensive environmental management software, that has been developed using the JD Edwards Enterprise One toolset. Utilise your existing JD Edwards ERP to track your entire corporate CO2 emissions data, as well as energy consumption, water use, waste water, energy production, and waste. GHG ...

FirstCarbon Solutions - Version ghgTrack - GHG Reporting Software for Sustainability Metrics

by FirstCarbon Solutions     Office in Chatswood, AUSTRALIA

Go beyond carbon to reduce all your resource costs. Effectively and precisely tracking your consumption can help you uncover hidden, wasted resources as well as opportunities for cost reduction. FirstCarbon Solutions ghgTrack brings you the tools you need to maximize those savings while reducing the costs and complexity of accounting for and ...


by Carbonflow Corp.     Office in Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Management of carbon contracts from bidding to execution and across the project lifetime is a complex challenge. Understanding changes in emission reduction credit volume and delivery dates is key to successful contract management, as changes in those parameters change your cash-flow.Your success is determined by the effective & efficient ...


by Carbonflow Corp.     Office in Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Connect+® is Carbonflow’s patent-pending, cross-organization, multi-party project collaboration engine. Connect+ saves time and money by putting all decision makers on the same secure, browser-based platform. Connect+ increases efficiency, transparency and timeliness of project implementation and management, from project design, ...

EnviroSys Solutions

by SRA Information Technology     based in Darwin, AUSTRALIA

SRA Information Technology develops and supports Australia’s most comprehensive environmental data management system, EnviroSys. This award-winning product is a scalable enterprise-wide application which offers users a configurable platform to collate, analyse, present and report environmental based information. It operates on a proactive ...

Carbon Accounting and Management Tool

by CarbonView Ltd.     based in Sydney, AUSTRALIA

As a hosted, web-based system CarbonView is a carbon accounting and management tool that has been developed to allow organizations to minimize their environmental impact and become more energy efficient through the process of:

MultiSite Software

by Eltek AS     Office in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

The MultiSite software is a server based tool that gathers statistically data from connected sites and store it in a database. It also includes webpages for viewing the data from the database.

Calcmet - Version Professional (STD and PRO) - Analysis and Control Software for FTIR Gas Analyzers

by Gasmet Technologies Oy     Distributor in AUSTRALIA

Calcmet is used together with Gasmet gas analyzers to collect FTIR spectra of the sample gas and to analyse the concentrations of gas components. Calcmet provides an easy to use interface to the FTIR gas analyser, stores and visualises the sample spectra and performs the multicomponent analysis using Gasmet Technologies Oy’s patented ...

Version AC32M - Chemiluminescent Nitrogen Oxide Analyzer

by Envitech Europe     Distributor in AUSTRALIA

Applications: - Ambient air monitoring - Indoor air monitoring - Mobile laboratory - Continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) by dilution extraction Main Features: - Graphic Liquid Crystal Display - Interactive menu driven software display - Real-time synoptic flow diagram display - User programmable ranges and average times - Automatic ...

Envidas Ultimate

by Envitech Europe     Distributor in AUSTRALIA

Envidas Ultimate, a trademark of Envitech Europe is an intelligent, multi-function, multi-site high-performance Continuous Emissions Monitoring & data acquisition system. It is designed with affordability and versatility in mind. Envidas Ultimate is a  CEM/AQM state-of-the-art system that uses non-proprietary desktop or industrial PC ...

Base Module Air Pollution

by SoundPLAN International LLC     Distributor in Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Meteorological Station Library What's the sense of a library for meteorological data, when everybody knows that meteo data should best be measured locally? You will quickly understand the sensibility to store copies with several classification settings for different model approaches, different treatment of calms, different approaches to ...

Ecotech WinAQMS - Version Mini - Mini Data Acquisition System

by Ecotech Pty Ltd     based in Knoxfield, AUSTRALIA

The Ecotech WinAQMS Mini Logger data acquisition system is designed to provide users with all these benefits of the WinAQMS, in a low power, small PC platform.

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