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AURIGA+ for Environmental Management - the leading software solution for Environmental Management

by iPoint-Systems GmbH     Office in Shanghai,, CHINA

Consistent data is the premise for effective environment, health and safety management. Companies that leverage Environmental Management as an integral element in their business processes gain competitive advantage. Auriga+ environmental management software offers you comprehensive assistance to organize your environmental management system, ...

ENFOS - Environmental Data Management Software

by ENFOS, Inc.     Office in Beijing, CHINA

Technical data such as potential sensitive receptors, sample plans, sampling locations, field data, laboratory data and standards are used by our customers to manage risk, measure progress and performance, and comply with regulations. ENFOS automates and optimizes the data stream from the planning stage to the final deliverable stage. By combining ...

ENMO hydro - Environmental Monitoring Software

by Analytik Jena AG     Office in Dongcheng District, Bejing, CHINA

ENMO hydro is a software system for the efficient control of automated water quality monitoring networks. The functionality of the 100 % web-based multi-tier-system comprises, among other things, the workflows for automated event sampling and quality control, management and control of the equipment at the measuring sites, numerous options for data ...

Predictor-LimA - Version Type 7810 - Environmental Noise Calculation and Mapping Software

by Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S     Office in Shanghai, CHINA

A software bundle for environmental noise projects that integrates the intuitive Predictor and the flexible LimA software into one powerful, state-of-the-art package - providing an efficient solution for any noise mapping project, including noise impact assessments.

Noise Sentinel - Version Type 7871 - Noise Compliance Management Software

by Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S     Office in Shanghai, CHINA

Noise Sentinel Type 7871 is Web-based subscription service that provides everything you need to meet your ongoing noise, vibration, dust and air quality monitoring obligations. Noise Sentinel manages measurement terminals, collects and processes data, and allows users to retrieve data to report levels for ongoing compliance with relevant ...

WebTrak - Online Flight & Noise Information for the Community Software

by Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S     Office in Shanghai, CHINA

Positive Community Engagement for Airport Growth. Many airports find that transparent and open engagement with their local community significantly increases good-will. By fostering a more collaborative approach to understanding and mitigating the environmental impact of the airport, most airports find less resistance to changes in operations and ...

ANOMS - Airport Noise & Operations Monitoring System

by Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S     Office in Shanghai, CHINA

Brüel & Kjær's ANOMS Airport Noise and Operations Management System is the world-leading, complete solution for accurate monitoring and management of noise and operations at any size airport and across multiple airport locations. We have the depth and breadth of experience in airport noise monitoring with installations at over 200 ...

Q EHS Waste Management

by Quantum Compliance     Office in Shanghai, CHINA

Q EHS Waste Management addresses the management of waste from point of generation to final disposition. It accommodates a wide variety of waste including: municipal, industrial, construction, medical, hazardous and regulated waste streams, and recyclable materials. The modules are configurable, supporting deployment in a manner that addresses the ...

AURIGA+ software for Occupational Safety - the #1 software solution

by iPoint-Systems GmbH     Office in Shanghai,, CHINA

AURIGA+ software for occupational safety allows you to continuously monitor the protection and safety of your employees, your work areas, and plant and to perform your tasks efficiently.> Request a Live Demo now!http://auriga-plus.com/software/occupational-safety-software/

Q EHS Water Modules

by Quantum Compliance     Office in Shanghai, CHINA

To address the performance and compliance issues associated with your water management Q EHS offers three modules: Discharge Effluent Monitoring, Groundwater Monitoring and Stormwater Management.

AURIGA+ software for Plant Safety - Industrial Safety Management for Your Plants and Processes

by iPoint-Systems GmbH     Office in Shanghai,, CHINA

AURIGA+ EHS software helps you document your company's sites and your stocks of plant and equipment and also to precisely describe the technical details, such as design data.> Request a Live Demo now!http://auriga-plus.com/software/plant-safety/

AURIGA+ for Legal Compliance - Compliance and Certainty with AURIGA+

by iPoint-Systems GmbH     Office in Shanghai,, CHINA

AURIGA+ software ensures your company's operation compliance with regulations and long-term certainty. AURIGA+ gives you the support you need for everything from applying for licenses and permits through defining secondary regulations and responsibilities to providing proof of how statutory and regulatory obligations are fulfilled in your ...

Q EHS Air Modules

by Quantum Compliance     Office in Shanghai, CHINA

Q EHS Air modules are designed to address the needs of the minor and major stationary sources, industry specific MACT standards, Greenhouse Gas, and Title V record keeping and reporting requirements. Each module contains a tool set to estimate air emissions and prepare necessary compliance reports and filings. You can also use emission estimates ...

WISKI - Water Resources Information System

by KISTERS group     Office in Shanghai, CHINA

KISTERS’ has been providing environmental data management software solutions since 1987. KISTERS’ core business is the implementation of data management systems for environmental, hydrological, air quality and energy disciplines.

Q EHS Incident Investigation Module

by Quantum Compliance     Office in Shanghai, CHINA

The Incident data entry screens are used in conjunction with several other features of the EHS Management Suite including Environmental Excursion and Inspection. However, the Incident Corrective Action related data entry is critical for identifying and tracking corrective and preventative measures that are taken to ensure that similar incidents do ...

Q EHS Activity Management Module

by Quantum Compliance     Office in Shanghai, CHINA

The Q EHS Activity Management module is a safety, incident, and task management system that provides an efficient way to track and manage Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) projects and information. The module also enables you to implement action plans and compliance training programs.

Q EHS Inspection Form Activity

by Quantum Compliance     Office in Shanghai, CHINA

The Inspection Form activity allows the user to prepare a checklist of items to be investigated. In keeping with Quantum's commitment to being the most open and flexible Environmental Management System on the market, the inspection portion of Q EHS was designed to allow the user to define all inspection forms, and the questions to ...

AquisNet - Air Quality Information System and Network

by KISTERS group     Office in Shanghai, CHINA

AquisNet (Air Quality Information System and Network) software covers all tasks of the process chain from data acquisition to validation, mass storage, graphical and numerical analysis, and reporting for air quality monitoring. AquisNet is used by both public authorities and private industrial companies.

TargetLynx Application Manager

by Waters Corporation     Office in ??, CHINA

Quantitative analytical labs are required to report the implications of environmental, human health, legal, and financial factors such as: Toxic residues in foodstuffs, Testing athletes for performance-enhancing drugs in sports, Safety tests in pharmaceutical development. The demand by regulatory authorities for assurance of confirmation in ...

FETS View - Facility Emissions Tracking System

by Lakes Environmental Software     Distributor in Xicheng District, Beijing, CHINA

FETS View is an emissions inventory tracking system that allows a facility to track emissions from a collection of processes within multiple emission periods.

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