Knowledge Management software in Japan

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    ENMO hydro - Environmental Monitoring Software

    ENMO hydro is a software system for the efficient control of automated water quality monitoring networks. The functionality of the 100 % web-based multi-tier-system comprises, among other things, the workflows for automated event sampling and quality control, management and control of the equipment at the measuring sites, numerous options for data ...

    By Analytik Jena AG Office in Yokohama, Kanagawa, JAPAN. from LIMS - Laboratory-Information-Management-Systems Software line

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    Sustainability Reporting and Management Software

    Collecting, sharing, and reporting data are vital for improving sustainability results. However, these workflows often suffer from double-work and complexity. Our Sustainability Reporting and Management Suite helps you integrate rapid, accurate sustainability reporting and efficient performance management into your core organizational processes.

    By thinkstep Office in Tokyo, JAPAN. from Corporate Sustainability Software Software line

  • OpenText - Dynamic Case Management

    A simpler way to manage complex interactions between people, content, transactions, and workflows. The next wave of productivity gains will come from empowering digital workers to handle scenarios with dynamic and unpredictable interactions between people, processes and content. OpenText™ Process Suite gives organizations a faster, simpler ...

    By OpenText Corp Office in Chiyoda-ku,, JAPAN.

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    GaBi - Version Envision ts - Simple User Interface

    Take the complexity out of LCA modelling to increase quality and reduce time to market for sustainable products. GaBi Envision provides a simple user interface that allows product designers, engineers, and sales and marketing teams to access detailed LCA models—no deep technical LCA knowledge necessary.

    By thinkstep Office in Tokyo, JAPAN. from GaBi Life Cycle Assessment Software line

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    Supplier Engagement Software

    Collecting, verifying, and analysing supplier sustainability data is complex and time-consuming: Plus, the suppliers in your network may have varying degrees of sustainability knowledge and motivation to provide the information you need. Our Supplier Engagement Suite makes it simple for suppliers to collaborate with you to meet the big goals on ...

    By thinkstep Office in Tokyo, JAPAN. from Supply Chain Transparency Software line

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    SoundPLAN Essential 3.0 - Noise Modeling Software

    SoundPLAN essential 3.0 is the single document application for environmental noise planning of roads, railways and industrial facilities. Create noise contour maps in cities and open environment from basic 3D geometry and some traffic information or sound power data. It was conceived with the occaisional user in mind who may not have in-depth ...

    By SoundPLAN International LLC Distributor in Yokohama, JAPAN.

  • A2C Atmospheric Modeling Solutions

    A2C Atmospheric Modeling Solutions (NEW HOTMAC/RAPTAD model). Our unique high-resolution modeling system for predicting weather and airflow around buildings. YSA's new HOTMAC/RAPTAD has merged two cutting-edge technologies—mesoscale and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling capabilities into a powerful new solution—the A2C ...

    By YSA Corporation Office in Tokyo, JAPAN.

  • MassLynx Mass Spectrometry Software

    Acquire, Analyze, Manage, and Share Mass Spectrometry Information -Waters' MassLynx Software improves your MS system with its intuitive interface, intelligent instrument control, and software features built around the focus of your analysis: the sample. With much of its development driven by input from our extensive user base, MassLynx has evolved ...

    By Waters Corporation Office in Tokyo, JAPAN.

  • myWorld - Damage Assessment Software

    myWorld Damage Assessment is a flexible software platform that enables Emergency Response and Operations teams to drive efficiencies throughout the damage assessment process during storms or emergency events. Its versatile architecture allows rapid deployment and easy integration to existing GIS or network management systems. myWorld Damage ...

    By Ubisense Office in Bunkyo-ku, JAPAN.

  • OpenLAB

    OpenLAB is the latest innovation from Agilent Technologies for the laboratory. A scalable, feature-rich operating system for instruments and laboratory information, OpenLAB will provide you with a strategy for integrating instrumentation, local data systems, and laboratory electronic information into a fully protected, searchable, and archivable ...

    By Agilent Technologies, Inc. Office in Tokyo, JAPAN.

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    Sustainability Product and Portfolio Reporting Software

    We help you develop a resilient revenue stream with tools that make it easier and faster to create verified product sustainability reports. Quickly identify hotspots and create alternatives with less environmental and social impact while improving economic returns.

    By thinkstep Office in Tokyo, JAPAN. from Product Sustainability Software Suites Software line

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    Product Design and Innovation Software

    Develop more sustainable products, faster: Product designers today face a double dilemma: they often lack the resources to quickly evaluate the sustainability of their designs, yet they must carefully balance the demand for more sustainable products with the technical requirements of design and production.

    By thinkstep Office in Tokyo, JAPAN. from Product Sustainability Software Suites Software line

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    GaBi - Lifecycle Engineering Software

    Sustainability is everyone’s business but it can be difficult for the teams of experts and stakeholders in a business to collaborate on the relevant issues and opportunities. We make it easy and quick to share product sustainability information and results in a language everyone can understand.

    By thinkstep Office in Tokyo, JAPAN. from Product Sustainability Software Suites Software line

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