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Eusoft.Lab - Version 10 - Laboratory Information Management System

by Eusoft     based in London, UNITED KINGDOM

More than 200 laboratories use EuSoft.Lab LIMS system to effectively manage their business processes. When you’re using EuSoft.Lab, you can bring together all your laboratory informatics and processes and be safe in the knowledge you’re compliant with the relevant regulations. From controlling your workflow to managing your equipment ...

LabHQ - Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

by Broughton Software     based in Skipton, UNITED KINGDOM

LabHQ LIMS is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that helps you manage your Quality Control data easily and efficiently. Our LIMS software deploys with a quick-install application, also offering web-browser access, providing users with flexible access to their laboratory test data. LabHQ’s intuitive interface guides you ...

UNIFI - Scientific Information System

by Waters Corporation     Office in Elstree, UNITED KINGDOM

Waters UNIFI Scientific Information System is the first software platform to merge LC and high performance MS data (both quadrupole and time-of-flight) into a single solution that encompasses data acquisition, processing, visualization, reporting, and configurable compliance tools within a networked laboratory environment.UNIFI provides ...

NuGenesis Lab Management System

by Waters Corporation     Office in Elstree, UNITED KINGDOM

Waters NuGenesis Lab Management System uniquely combines synergistic data, workflow, and sample management capabilities to support the entire product lifecycle from discovery through manufacturing.The user-centric platform encompasses NuGenesis SDMS, a compliant-ready data repository, NuGenesis ELN, a flexible analytical electronic laboratory ...

TAPS Sample Planning & Scheduling

by Trilogy Group Limited     based in Pangbourne, UNITED KINGDOM

The Trilogy Group have been providing an innovative range of software products and services supporting water and environmental compliance since 1985. TAPS provides companies and consultants with environmental or sample collection field teams, the ability to plan collections, create optimised sampler rounds, print bottle labels, estimate workload ...

Version PETra™ - Complete Process Management System for PET Facilities

by LabLogic Systems Limited     based in Broomhill, UNITED KINGDOM

PETra is an innovative PET LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) from LabLogic that is specifically designed for PET facilities.

Compliance Management System

by Trilogy Group Limited     based in Pangbourne, UNITED KINGDOM

Trilogy's quality compliance management system is designed to meet the sampling framework of the EU (European Union) Drinking Water Directive to ensure high  drinking water quality standards. The system meets other international standards and is also employed in non-European countries such as the USA and South Africa.

RFTrackIT - Advanced Laboratory Sample Tracking & Labelling Software

by CSols Ltd.     based in Runcorn, UNITED KINGDOM

CSols expertise extends into the field of Radio Frequency Identification / RFID labelling for laboratories. Although this technology has been around for many years, barcode based labelling is still the main technology used in laboratories. RFID has a number of advantages which provide major time and efficiency savings. It also enables major ...

SpectroTrack - Information Management System (IMS) Software

by Spectro Scientific     Distributor in UNITED KINGDOM

SpectroTrack is an Information Management System (IMS) optimized for laboratories that specialize in the analysis of in-service (used) lubricants for machine condition monitoring. The browser-based system is the ideal tool for accessing historical and trend information about an organization’s high-value assets. The software provides a single ...

Chromperfect - Version Seven - Advanced Chromatography Software

by Justice Laboratory Software     Office in Auchtermuchty, UNITED KINGDOM

Chromperfect Seven is the only chromatography data system that gives chromatographers complete freedom of choice when selecting hardware and software appropriate for the laboratory. Data acquisition and data acquisition/instrument control products are available to meet the needs of current and legacy instrumentation. Chemists

Forensic Systems LIMS

by Autoscribe Informatics     based in Reading,, UNITED KINGDOM

Matrix Gemini and Matrix Tracker software are highly configurable and can be used to meet the specific requirements of a forensic system both in terms of managing the laboratory information and storage and tracking of evidence.

Cyto Study Manager

by Perceptive Instruments Ltd.     based in Haverhill, UNITED KINGDOM

The Cyto Study Manager integrates data acquisition, auditing, reporting and study management into a single system. Because all of this is achieved within one system, there is no risk of transcription errors, no import/export, no file transfers and no copy and paste.

Thermo Scientific - Data Manager

by Thermo Fisher Scientific, LIMS & Laboratory Software     Distributor in UNITED KINGDOM

Thermo Scientific* Data Manager is designed to meet the requirements for securely storing and rapidly retrieving scientific data from multiple instrument formats. Through a unique library of over 150 powerful file converters that automatically generate XML versions of the data, the archived information can be viewed on virtually any platform ...

LimsLink - Laboratory Information Management (LIMS)

by Agilent Technologies, Inc.     Distributor in UNITED KINGDOM

LimsLink is a fully configurable software solution for creating instrument to LIMS interfaces that deliver the right level of automation to suit the instrument, the laboratory workflow and the analysts. LimsLink’s unique configuration process uses radio buttons, drop down menus and an exclusive graphic parser to create interfaces for every ...

Monitor-Pro 5 - World leading EHS Monitoring Data Management software

by EHS Data Ltd.     based in Newark-on-Trent, UNITED KINGDOM

Monitor-Pro 5 can be used as either the technical and administrative hub of a Monitor-Enterprise system, standalone or in networked client/server mode.

Thermo Scientific - Integration Manager Data Transformation Tool

by Thermo Fisher Scientific, LIMS & Laboratory Software     Distributor in UNITED KINGDOM

Thermo Scientific* Integration Manager is a flexible and powerful data transformation tool that delivers automated data acquisition and point-to-point data distribution across the enterprise. A coherent strategy that can connect data from Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), Chromatography Data System (CDS), and other sources (e.g., ...

Thermo Scientific SampleManager - Version 11 - Data Reporting Managent

by Thermo Fisher Scientific, LIMS & Laboratory Software     Distributor in UNITED KINGDOM

SampleManager 11 puts decision-making power where it belongs, in the hands of users who can make logical choices about workflow, instrument integration and data reporting for management metrics or regulatory requirements. Ideally, today’s labs aren’t only paperless; they are powerful enterprise drivers for business transformation. A ...

MassLynx Mass Spectrometry Software

by Waters Corporation     Office in Elstree, UNITED KINGDOM

Acquire, Analyze, Manage, and Share Mass Spectrometry Information -Waters' MassLynx Software improves your MS system with its intuitive interface, intelligent instrument control, and software features built around the focus of your analysis: the sample. With much of its development driven by input from our extensive user base, MassLynx has evolved ...

Waste Management Software - HazMat T&T Healthcare Edition for Waste Generators

by IMEC Technologies     Office in London, UNITED KINGDOM

HazMat T&T Healthcare Edition is a Clinical / Medical Waste Management Software system for organisations who generate waste. The software will identify, track, manage and report on waste from the point of creation to the point of shipment or disposal.


by STARLIMS Corporation     Office in UNITED KINGDOM

STARLIMS is the most powerful tool labs have to manage complex processes, ensure regulatory compliance and promote laboratory and enterprise collaboration. STARLIMS V10 is a web-based off-the-shelf LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) designed for a wide variety of laboratory types operating in many scientific and industrial ...

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