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EcoLight-S(ubroutine) Radiative Transfer Equation (RTE) Solver

by Sequoia Scientific, Inc.     based in Bellevue, WASHINGTON (USA)

EcoLight-S(ubroutine) is an extremely fast RTE (radiative transfer equation) solver developed for use as the optical component of coupled physical-biological-optical ocean ecosystem models, or as the radiative transfer forward-model core of implicit inverse models.

ExploreHD - High Dimensional Model Representations (HDMR)

by Aerodyne Research, Inc.     based in Billerica, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

ExploreHD implements the High Dimensional Model Representations (HDMR) technique pioneered by Prof. Herschel Rabitz and collaborators at Princeton University. HDMR explains the input-output behavior of a system using a hierarchical representation involving input variables acting individually and interacting in pairs as well as triples. The ...

Age-class Model of Population Dynamics, One Compartment Per Age Class

by Simulistics Ltd     based in Midlothian, UNITED KINGDOM

 This models a population of animals in terms of four age-classes. For each age-class, we use a compartment (state variable) to represent the number of individuals in that class. In this model, there are four compartments on the model diagram. They are connected by flow arrows, which represent the aging process: the flow of individuals from ...

Model calibration and uncertainty

by TK Consult AG     based in Zurich, SWITZERLAND

Models are, by nature, uncertain due to scarcity/lack of quality of measurements. Therefore, model parameters and model structure need to be calibrated in an automatic manner. Our engineers have developed automatic tools for model calibration based on available measurements. Such tools also allow to address the inherent uncertainty of the model.

ESCI - Version Bioscreen - Groundwater Transport and Fate Model

by Environmental Software Consultants, Inc. (ESCI)     based in Madison, WISCONSIN (USA)

BIOSCREEN is a screening level groundwater transport and fate model and is based on the Domenico analytical model. It simulates contaminant transport based on advection, dispersion, adsorption and biological decay. Contaminant transport can be simulated: Without biological decay, With biodegradation simulated as a first-order decay process, or ...

SVOffice 2009 - Advanced Modeling Software

by SoilVision Systems Ltd.     based in Saskatoon, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA)

SoilVision Systems is proud to introduce SVOffice 2009, our most advanced modeling software to date. Take the step into 3D with advanced visualization and model analysis packages.

ModelRisk - Risk Modeling Software

by Vose Risk Consulting and Software     based in Gent, BELGIUM

ModelRisk is available in three versions:ModelRisk Standard (STD): provides advanced Monte Carlo simulation in Excel. Vose Software offers the Standard version free of charge. Download your copy of ModelRisk Standard here. ModelRisk Professional (PRO): adds 'objects' to ModelRisk Standard that greatly extend and simplify what you can model, as ...

xprafts - Robust Runoff Routing Model

by XP Solutions     based in Portland, OREGON (USA)

xprafts is a robust runoff routing model that is used extensively throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region for hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of storm water drainage and conveyance systems. xprafts simulates both urban and rural catchments ranging in size between a single house allotment up to thousands of square kilometer river ...

ESDV - Version Q3drm1.0 - CFD Software For Quasi 3D Modeling

by ESDV - Environmental Software & Digital Visualization     based in Sao Carlos, BRAZIL

Versatile quasi 3D (2.5D) hydrodynamic model, closed by three selectable depth-integrated two-equation closure turbulence models; solving complete and non-simplified fundamental governing equations, in association with passive mass transport equations (1 temperature eq. + 2 concentration component eqs.) and two extra transport equations, ...

IWLive - Modeling Software of Water Distribution Systems

by Innovyze     based in Broomfield, COLORADO (USA)

As the powerful advantages of the modeling of water distribution systems become increasingly more apparent, IWLive makes those benefits accessible to control room staff leading to greater efficiency, cost savings and an improved service for customers.

Version PCSWMM 2012 - Stormwater Management, Wastewater and Watershed Modeling Software

by Computational Hydraulics Int. (CHI)     based in Guelph, ONTARIO (CANADA)

PCSWMM's powerful GIS engine works seamlessly with the latest GIS data formats, and provides intelligent tools for streamlining model development, optimization and analysis in a comprehensive range of applications. With full support for the US EPA SWMM5 hydrology & hydraulics engine, PCSWMM provides a scalable and complete package for 1D & ...

Allocate - Version Ver. 3.0 - Optimal Unit Allocation Software

by Allocate     based in Albany, NEW ZEALAND

Unit allocation / commitment is the process of deciding when and which generating units at each power station to start-up and shut-down. This process is very complicated when 2 or more generating units are considered due to the fact that the number of combinations increases exponentially with the number of available generating units. To solve this ...

ZondMAG2D for Two-Dimensional Interpretation of Gravity and Magnetic Data

by Zond Software     based in Saint-Petersburg, RUSSIA

ZondMAG2d program is desined for two-dimensional interpretation of gravity and magnetic data by (land and aero variants). ZondMAG2d represents ready solution for gravity and magnetic methods, and solves wide range of problems from mathematical modeling to field data processing and interpretation. Convenient interface and variety of data ...

CorrectIR - Temperature Correction Software

by Quest Integrity Group     based in Kent, WASHINGTON (USA)

CorrectIR software performs correction calculations to remove common errors from infrared thermometry tube temperature measurements taken with pyrometers or thermal imaging cameras. By utilizing a mathematical model directly tied to the actual furnace geometry, the corrected temperatures are more accurate than conventional infrared measurements. ...

EnviMan Finder

by Opsis AB     based in Furulund, SWEDEN

The EnviMan Finder is software to be used to track emission sources. Given information about source release height, weather data (wind speed/direction, temperature and global radiation) as well as air quality data measured at two or more monitoring stations (during a time period), the Finder will track the position from where the emission is ...


by Innovyze     based in Broomfield, COLORADO (USA)

H2ONET MSX (Multi-Species eXtension) adds very powerful modeling capabilities including the unprecedented ability to accurately model multiple interacting contaminants (using water quality components rather than contaminants) as well as sediment deposition and re-suspension in drinking water distribution systems. H2ONET MSX allows users to model ...


by Innovyze     based in Broomfield, COLORADO (USA)

H2OMAP Water MSX (Multi-Species eXtension) adds very powerful modeling capabilities including the unprecedented ability to accurately model multiple interacting contaminants (using water quality components rather than contaminants) as well as sediment deposition and re-suspension in drinking water distribution systems. H2OMAP Water MSX allows ...

InfoWater Multi-Species eXtension (MSX)

by Innovyze     based in Broomfield, COLORADO (USA)

InfoWater MSX (Multi-Species eXtension) adds very powerful modeling capabilities including the unprecedented ability to accurately model multiple interacting contaminants (using water quality components rather than contaminants) as well as sediment deposition and re-suspension in drinking water distribution systems. InfoWater MSX allows users to ...

Version ZondSP2D - 2D Electric Self Potential Data Interpretation Software

by Advanced Geophysical Operations and Services Inc. (AGCOS)     based in North York, ONTARIO (CANADA)

ZondSP2D program is designed for Self Potential (SP) method 2D data interpretation. The medium model is created through a number of cells. Each cell has the resistivity value and type of conductivity (ion or electronic) properties. Sources of SP field are installed at the borders of the cells with different type of conductivity. The size of the ...

SASSPro V2 – Powerful Activated Sludge Process Simulator

by LLC     based in Sahuarita, ARIZONA (USA)

SASSPro V2 is a powerful activated sludge process simulator – optimized for: plant design evaluations, plant process optimization, operations staff training, wastewater research, and classroom teaching purposes. SASSPro V2 is the latest release of the popular SASSPro series, used by leading engineering firms, municipal authorities, ...

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