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    OTT Hydromet - Version Hydras 3 - Hydrometrical and Meteorological Monitoring Network Management Software

    The Hydras 3 Application Software is designed for data management in hydrometrical and meteorological monitoring networks. Hydras 3 offer a practical, user-friendly software structure for the collection, processing, interpretation, evaluation and transmission of measured data from sensors and stations. The software package incorporates powerful ...

    By OTT HydroMet based in Kempten, GERMANY. from Software Solutions Software line

  • Grawmet Software

    Grawmet is the meteorological software system for all GRAW groundstations based on Windows XP or Vista. The main functions of Grawmet are initialisation of the radiosonde for take-off and evaluation and display of radiosonde data during ascent. The system generates WMO and STANAG weather messages as well as various graphical and tabulated ...

    By GRAW Radiosondes GmbH & Co. KG based in Nuremberg, GERMANY.

  • Metcom - Version ATIS - Broadcast Software

    METCOM has set the industry standard over the last 20 years for fast, reliable and accurate weather monitoring at airports around the world. It has been developed by our industry professionals and is now currently in use at every major UK airport and dozens of smaller aerodromes nationally. METCOM provides guaranteed up to the minute information ...

    By Muir Matheson Ltd based in Scotland, UNITED KINGDOM. from Aviation Meteorology Software Software line

  • Mini Metcom - Aerodromes Software

    Mini-METCOM has been designed for aerodromes that do not require the full functionality that is incorporated into METCOM.  Whilst still meeting all ICAO and WMO regulations and the requirements for CAP670 and CAP746 Mini-METCOM is a streamlined, more compact package that is very simple to use.  It has proven itself to be perfect for ...

    By Muir Matheson Ltd based in Scotland, UNITED KINGDOM. from Aviation Meteorology Software Software line

  • Vortex - Typical Meteorological Year Software (TMI)

    Vortex TMY has been designed by concatenation of the most representative months according to industry standards.

    By Vortex SL based in Barcelona, SPAIN.

  • LEADS - Version On-Line - Web-Based Companion- Meteorological Toolkit Software

    LEADS On-Line earns its innovative reputation by delivering high-quality, world-wide weather products to professional meteorologists and decision makers continuously across a simple internet connection. With LEADS On-Line, users are assured that they will always have the most professional, comprehensive, up-to-date weather forecasting tools and ...

    By MeteoStar - A Division of Sutron Corporation based in Englewood, COLORADO (USA).

  • Data-Management and Reporting Software

    PICMET-2 (Path-Integrated Concentration - Meteorology software) is Minnich and Scotto’s state-of-the-art computer program for managing its perimeter air monitoring during former MGP site cleanups. PICMET-2 employs the cross-sector averaging technique, conceived of by USEPA Region 7, to automatically generate maximum offsite concentrations ...

    By Minnich and Scotto, Inc. based in Freehold, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • BEE-Line - Air Meteorological Data Formats Software

    BEE-Line Software offers a variety of surface and upper air meteorological data formats from which to choose.  If you find yourself needing a format that is not listed here, please feel free to contact us.  Our meteorologists have years of experience in processing many different met formats, and will be able to assist you in finding the ...

    By Bowman Environmental based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

  • Pulsowin - Meteorological Data Software Management

    PULSOWIN is an integrated management of meteorological data intended for data from automatic weather stations.

    By Pulsonic based in Orsay, FRANCE.

  • Meteorological Radar Software

    Software FROG-MURAN Approved operation in governmental networks with more than 15 radar . Network references: DWD 19 radars, SIVAM + DEPV, Brazil 18 radars, Morocco 6 radars. Dual polarization functions and operational reference in mountainous regions, with presence of strong clutter. Algorithms tested and approved by governmental agencies (DWD, ...

    By Gamic mbH based in Aachen, GERMANY.

  • AERMOD - MetProcessor

    Meteorological data processor for AERMOD-Australasian software equivalent to US AERMET. pDsAUSMET is your local meteorological data processor which was developed based on EPA, Victoria’s guidelines “Construction of input meteorological data files for AERMOD”. With pDsAUSMET you can input data in several local formats based on the ...

    By pDsConsultancy based in AUSTRALIA.

  • MESSIR-COMM - Version WIS / GTS - Message Switching Real-Time Central Meteorological Database Software

    MESSIR-COMM is a COROBOR product building the HEART of Your Meteorological Centre and providing: WIS / GTS Meteorological Message Switching. Telecommunications functions. Real-Time Central Database supporting all types of Meteorological Data and Products. Meteorological Data processing.

    By Corobor Systems based in Vincennes, FRANCE.

  • INPUFF - Version 2 - Emissions and Meteorological Data Conditions Software

    INPUFF2 is one of the few puff models to allow multiple sources at multiple locations. Additionally, source emissions and meteorological data conditions can be changed during the modeling period. Moving sources can even be modeled!  These capabilities have made it one of the most popular models for feedlot odor modeling today.

    By Bowman Environmental based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

  • MESSIR-AERO - Version SADIS/WAFS/WIFS - Meteorological Data Software fo Aviation - Pilot Met Briefing System Software

    Pilots as well as other staff involved in Air Navigation need to know the meteorological conditions existing for landing, en-route, and take-off. Indeed, it is crucial to anticipate severe weather conditions (icing, turbulences, strong winds, storms, ashes…) that can lead to flight delays, disasters and the loss of human life. To accomplish this ...

    By Corobor Systems based in Vincennes, FRANCE.

  • MESSIR-NET - Fully-Automated Meteorological Web Server Software

    MESSIR-NET is a fully-automated meteorological web server dedicated to the display of specific, pre-selected meteorological information on a web interface via a Web server. MESSIR-NET is AUTOMATICALLY updated in real-time with fresh met data received via the MESSIR-COMM Message Switching System. Internet users can view on line all this fresh data ...

    By Corobor Systems based in Vincennes, FRANCE.

  • ARIA Wind - Meteorological Data and Taking Software

    Based on the assessment of the available energy resource, ARIA Wind is a tool for helping to design wind farms: evaluation of wind potential, optimization of the layout of the park, determination of the variability of energy production. Connected in real time to weather forecasts, ARIA Wind provides the operator with a reliable forecast of turbine ...

    By ARIA Technologies based in Boulogne-Billancourt, FRANCE.

  • CAMxDesk - Version v2.0 - Visual Display and Analysis Desktop for the CAMx Modeling System

    CAMxDESK v2.0, currently under development, is a powerful visualization and analysis system for the CAMx model. It’s designed to allow you to easily and rapidly work with your meteorological and emissions input data and CAMx result data sets. This software package is currently under development. Check back soon for development updates.

    By Enviromodeling Ltd. based in Santiago, CHILE.

  • Canarina DISPER · atmospheric dispersion model · ambient

    Atmospheric Dispersion Model: ambient conditions are defined by the land and atmospheric conditions in the vicinity of the pollutant emission. This Menu lists: Meteorology and Topographic lines. DISPER software calculates the pollutant concentration in each point of the air considering each one of the pollutant sources and the conditions of the ...

    By Canarina Environmental Software based in Canary Islands, SPAIN. from Canarina DISPER · air pollution Software line

  • IBL - Satellite Weather Software

    To cover need of our customer for fast, simple and reliable receiving system for EUMETCast/DWDSat and to easily obtain full advantage of extremely wide range of meteorological satellite products available from Meteosat Second Generation (MSG), IBL Software Engineering has developed an outstanding reception system called Satellite Weather.

    By IBL Software Engineering based in Bratislava, SLOVAKIA.

  • WeatherView

    WeatherView is a windows-based software package that displays ambient and meteorological monitoring data using client-specified configurations. There are many different modules which can be added to customize the displays and reporting to match your exacting needs.

    By Meteorological Solutions Inc. (MSI) based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA).

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