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profiling system software

  • Premium

    WEX - Certified Software for Data Acquisition and Processing of Industrial Emissions

    WEX is a powerful software specially designed for the management of industrial gaseous emissions, solid or liquid in compliance with applicable regulations.

    By ENVEA based in Poissy, FRANCE. from Emission Monitoring Softwares Software line

  • ZCGViewer for Calculation and Visualization of Apparent Resistivity Graphs

    ZCGViewer software is designed for calculation and visualization of apparent resistivity graphs obtained with any electromagnetic profiling systems. The following measurement system: the loop-loop line-line, the line is a loop, the loop line.

    By Zond Software based in Saint-Petersburg, RUSSIA. from Utilites Software line

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    iseo-Environnement S.A - Version WEX - CEMS and Process Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Software

    WEX is a powerful software dedicated to emissions and process monitoring systems: Acquisition data from all type of monitoring instruments;. Interactive configuration of measuring devices (DAS / data acquisition systems, analysers, communication systems);. Traceability of all events and technical information;. Data control and Quality Assurance ...

    By ENVEA based in Poissy, FRANCE. from Data Acquisition And Data Management Software Software line

  • Sonardyne - Riser Profiling System

    Sonardyne's Riser Profiling System provides operators with a wireless real-time vertical profile of current speed and direction, temperature and inclination of risers deployed from drilling or production vessels. The system can be used stand alone or integrated within Sonardyne's Marksman acoustic positioning system which is used as a Dynamic ...

    By Sonardyne International Ltd based in Yateley, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Version Z3DModView - Software for 3-D Visualization of 2-D Inversion Results

    The Z3DModelView program is designed for three-dimensional visualization of the results of relevant one or two-dimensional interpretation of the data obtained in the Zond inversion software. For geophysical surveys, measurements are usually performed by a system of parallel profiles. To better understand the structure of the survey area, it is ...

    By Advanced Geophysical Operations and Services Inc. (AGCOS) based in North York, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Special Software Software line

  • Core - Remote Management Tool

    Faronics Core is a multi-tool for IT professionals. It’s a simple remote management tool that makes it easy to centrally manage your endpoints. Equipped with enterprise-level deployment and management capabilities that can be customized for your organization, Faronics Core will save you time and money. It’s hard to believe, but ...

    By Faronics Corporation based in Bracknell, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Data Igloo Software

    Now with Enterprise Control features, Faronics Data Igloo can now protect your files, folders, user profiles, or even registry keys, by redirect! them all to a Thawed partition (or ThawSpace).

    By Faronics Corporation based in Bracknell, UNITED KINGDOM. from Deep Freeze Software line

  • ShareKnowledge - Talent Management Software

    ShareKnowledge, a learning management system built for SharePoint, improves business value by offering features of a talent management system that can strategically help reach company goals and objectives. In this day and age, companies are paying more attention to how they attract, train, develop, retain and promote employees throughout the ...

    By ShareKnowledge, Inc. based in Issaquah, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • SentinelOn - Threat Modeling Software

    SentinelOn complies with all standards of Threat Modeling defined in Threat Modeling by Swiderski and Snyder, copyright 2004 by Microsoft Corporation. SentinelOn includes the definition and management of Profiles, Threats, Vulnerabilities, related Risks and standardized attributes, e.g. S.T.R.I.D.E. and D.R.E.A.D. designations and Trust ...

    By Alinion, Inc. based in Danville, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • In-House Development

    Telelingua has developed a set of customer-centric tools that focus on improving our service level in four areas: quality, communication, validation, and Project Management. Several of these internally developed tools were created with the input of a number of our clients.

    By Telelingua International based in Montreuil, FRANCE.

  • Random Vibration Control Software

    Random control is one of the two basic and most common excitation modes for Environmental Shaker testing. Random performs real-time closed-loop control of PSD profiles. The m+p VibControl vibration control system allows the user to designate all input channels as control, watchdog and/or measurement channels.

    By m+p international Mess- und Rechnertechnik GmbH based in Hannover, GERMANY. from Vibration Controllers Software line

  • SentinelOn - Project Management Software

    SentinelOn enables the development and controlled modification of Project Templates with options to include any combination of variables and attachments, e.g. user-defined requirements, threat profiles, phases and tasks, risks, checklists and user-defined work papers, email templates, notes, documents and folders. SentinelOn has the ...

    By Alinion, Inc. based in Danville, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Version ZCGViewer - Electroprofiling Data (EP) Software

    Calculation and visualization of electric resistivity profiling graphic maps and apparent resistivity maps (for different arrays). ZCGViewer is designed to work with electroprofiling data (EP). Any geometrical array and wide frequency band could be used during field survey and will be recognized by software.

  • Medgate Platform Software

    The Medgate platform is the foundation of the Medgate OH&S software application. Our web-based platform is available to all suites of the Medgate application and promotes integration between OH&S functions. Whether you’re a system administrator, daily functional user, or OH&S director, the Medgate platform will help you and your ...

    By Cority based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • AlertMeter - Impairment Testing Software

    AlertMeter measures a person’s cognitive alertness with a 60 second graphic test taken from a touchscreen tablet or a smartphone held in your hand. Funded in part with the National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety and the National Institutes of Health, AlertMeter is backed by rigorous alertness and impairment research. Now, ...

    By Predictive Safety based in Centennial, COLORADO (USA).

  • RouteSmart - Round and Route Navigation Software

    RouteSmart Navigator in-cab solution for high density, precision route navigation. RouteSmart Navigator meets the high density, precision navigation requirements of driving over a customised road network as associated with the following operations:

    By Integrated Skills Limited (ISL) based in Romsey, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • ETAP - Cable Thermal Analysis Software

    The Cable Thermal Analysis module helps engineers to design cable systems to operate to their maximum potential while providing a secure and reliable operation. The advanced graphical interface allows for design of cable raceway systems to meet the existing and future needs by using precise calculations to determine the required cable sizes, their ...

    By ETAP based in Irvine, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Cable Systems Software line

  • Zygo - Version Mx - Instrument Control & Data Analysis Software

    Instrument Control & Data Analysis Software for ZYGO 3D Optical Surface Profilers. ZYGO's Mx software powers complete system control & data analysis, including interactive 3D maps, quantitative topography data, intuitive navigation, & built-in SPC with statistics, control charting, and pass/fail limits.

    By Zygo Corporation based in Middlefield, CONNECTICUT (USA).

  • CompliancePak - Workspace

    WorkSpace COMPLIANCEpak is the foundation of your Perillon experience, including a set of five baseline modules for: drill-down dashboards, compliance task tracking, document management, reporting, and administration. Drill-down dashboards enable graphical visualization of compliance performance and measure on-time results, task status, risks, ...

    By Perillon Software Inc. based in Acton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • LQATS Lyons - Quality Audit Tracking System

    In the business world, maintaining a competitive advantage is often linked to knowing when the business environment changes or a competitor's position changes in the marketplace. Competitive advantage is often linked to a company's ability to globally gather and strategically manage business information. Companies gain a competitive edge in ...

    By Lyons Information Systems, Inc based in Raleigh, NEW YORK (USA).

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