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EHS Management Software

by thinkstep     Office in Gauteng, SOUTH AFRICA

As EHS regulations worldwide are increasing and resources are declining efficient risk management and operations become even more urgent. Our suite enables you to create a transparent management system for compliance, auditing, and reporting, which helps reduce risk of non-compliance and related financial consequences.

Energy Management Software

by thinkstep     Office in Gauteng, SOUTH AFRICA

Monitor and optimize energy use across your entire organisation. We make it simple to take charge of energy consumption across your organisation so you can improve efficiency and sustainability while reducing energy spend.

Sustainability Reporting and Management Software

by thinkstep     Office in Gauteng, SOUTH AFRICA

Collecting, sharing, and reporting data are vital for improving sustainability results. However, these workflows often suffer from double-work and complexity. Our Sustainability Reporting and Management Suite helps you integrate rapid, accurate sustainability reporting and efficient performance management into your core organizational processes.

MiX - Fleet Manager

by MiX Telematics     Office in Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

Immediate access to secure information about drivers and vehicles at all times. MiX Fleet Manager by MiX Telematics is an end-to-end solution designed to give fleet operators the tools they need to sustain a high-performing operation – one that’s operating at optimum levels of efficiency and safety. The solution comprises an on-board ...

IsoMetrix - Version SHERQ - Management System Software

by Metrix Software Solutions (Pty) Ltd     based in Fourways, SOUTH AFRICA

IsoMetrix is a business performance and risk management system that can be used to effectively manage any business risk, within a fully integrated system. The flexibility at the heart of the IsoMetrix design means that the system can be configured to suit your exact requirements, and can evolve as your requirements change. Configuring the system ...

MiX - Journey Management Software

by MiX Telematics     Office in Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

Safe and efficient, from start to finish. If you’ve ever had to contend with manual journey management planning, then you’ll know how tedious and error-prone it can be. MiX Journey Management offers an easy-to-use electronic alternative to paper-based systems that ensures all risks relating to journeys are readily visible to decision ...

ROAM - Remote Operational Application Management

by ROAMWORKS USA, Inc.     Office in New Maadi, EGYPT

The main design goal for ROAM was to create the best Asset Monitoring System on the planet, allowing a customer complete freedom with regard to the choice of communication network, hardware and system setup. At the same time, the system was designed to be scalable, easily customizable and robust, yet remain manageable and serviceable.

GaBi - Syndication Server

by thinkstep     Office in Gauteng, SOUTH AFRICA

Centralise workflows and information in a fully transparent system to achieve the greatest efficiency and reduce risks as well as costs. By providing central database management, quality assurance workflows and user rights management, the GaBi Syndication Server dramatically improves results and team performance.


by Bentley Systems, Inc (Haestad solutions)     Office in SOUTH AFRICA

HAMMER demystifies the complex science of water hammer and transient analysis and puts the power to perform this critical work in your hands. Trust HAMMER'scomputationally rigorous hydraulic engine and easy-to-use interface to efficiently identify, manage, and mitigate the risks associated with transients.

Waters Paradigm - Scientific Search Software

by Waters Corporation     Distributor in EGYPT

Waters Paradigm Scientific Search Software provides a powerful solution for enterprise-wide scientific information search. Users spend less time searching for information and more time using information to make better, evidence-based decisions.

GaBi - Version Envision ts - Simple User Interface

by thinkstep     Office in Gauteng, SOUTH AFRICA

Take the complexity out of LCA modelling to increase quality and reduce time to market for sustainable products. GaBi Envision provides a simple user interface that allows product designers, engineers, and sales and marketing teams to access detailed LCA models—no deep technical LCA knowledge necessary.

thinkstep.one - Data Foundation

by thinkstep     Office in Gauteng, SOUTH AFRICA

Our data foundation gives you a unified, comprehensive view of industrial processes to inform your sustainability strategies. We have spent 20 years with businesses, associations and governments around the world building  the largest coherent data model for almost every existing industrial process and it's environmental impact.

Projectwise Dynamic Plot

by Bentley Systems, Inc (Haestad solutions)     Office in SOUTH AFRICA

ProjectWise Dynamic Plot V8i creates an intelligent link between paper plots and digital models, shrinking the time required to sync written comments and digital data from days to seconds. With paper plots and digital models always in sync, markup and review workflows become error-free, mitigating project risk. By making paper dynamic (adding ...

Bentley AXSYS.Integrity

by Bentley Systems, Inc (Haestad solutions)     Office in SOUTH AFRICA

Risk-based planning for your plant. In the operations of your plant, are you certain that your maintenance scheduling is ensuring optimum performance of the plant as well as making sure your operating expenditure is within or below budget? You probably think so, but can you be certain? It would certainly be useful to know. Bentley ...

Bentley Arenium V8i

by Bentley Systems, Inc (Haestad solutions)     Office in SOUTH AFRICA

The Bentley managed environment provides managed access to AEC and geospatial data within the workgroup, across a distributed organization, or among collaborating organizations throughout the world. By working within the Bentley Arenium managed environment, Bentley MX design professionals can control their workflow, QA processes, versioning, and ...

Metrix Legal Framework

by Metrix Software Solutions (Pty) Ltd     based in Fourways, SOUTH AFRICA

Modern businesses are in the pursuit of the triple bottom-line, namely Economic Prosperity, Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability. Legal knowledge provides the foundation for any effective governance management system. Legal compliance can only be achieved and sustained once the applicable legal requirements have been identified ...


by thinkstep     Office in Gauteng, SOUTH AFRICA

Our easy to access and use data collection application helps you cut down the time spent on LCA while increasing data quality and consistency. LCA data collection and modelling now takes less effort and can be up to 30% faster with improved accuracy.

Bentley Descartes V8i

by Bentley Systems, Inc (Haestad solutions)     Office in SOUTH AFRICA

Bentley Descartes* is an information modeling software product and an extension of MicroStation, for visualization, vector-to-raster, raster-to-vector conversion, and the management and processing of fundamental data types used in infrastructure projects, such as scalable terrain models and point clouds.

MiX SafeDrive - Forefront of Fleet Operations Software

by MiX Telematics     Office in Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

Putting driver safety at the forefront of fleet operations. Research has shown that over 80% of vehicle accidents are caused by human error. MiX SafeDrive is an integrated safety solution that targets this problem by: Training drivers in defensive driving techniques, Providing In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS) that are able to monitor driver ...

Product Compliance Software

by thinkstep     Office in Gauteng, SOUTH AFRICA

Superior product compliance can be a major competitive advantage, but using multiple systems to track material and substance compliance is costly and time-consuming.

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