telemetry software available in Vanuatu

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    uGalaxy - Wireless Telemetry System

    Can be customized to special applications, such as leakage detection, energy management, etc. The GPRS-based uGalaxy data management system offers a way for customers to monitor remote meters, such as flowmeters, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, level sensors, BTU meters, etc., in real-time fashion automatically and reliably. In addition, ...

    By Spire Metering Technology, LLC. based in Marlborough, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Wireless Telemetry System Software line

  • Isodaq - Version XDQServer - Telemetry Server Software

    Xdq Server is a Windows Service for remote data collection and reconfiguration of Isodaq Telemetry Loggers under GPRS. It monitors a specified TCP/IP port for incoming logger calls and can process multiple sessions simultaneously. No modems are required (or supported). There is no set limit to the number of calls that can be processed ...

    By Isodaq Technology - Hydro-Logic Group based in Bromyard, UNITED KINGDOM. from Telemetry Server Software Software line

  • Infinite - Version WaT - Web Aided Telemetry Server

    IntroductionWaT is a cloud based web server for telemetry applications. It supports all of Infinite's devices as well as few 3rd party devices. The server is a host for multiple clients and user accounts allowing seamless 24/7 unmanned device telemetry with centralized data management.FeaturesSupport for all Infinite product ranges including ...

    By Infinite Informatics Ltd based in Thessaloniki, GREECE.

  • Isodaq - Timeview TVA Telemetry Server Software

    Timeview Telemetry Virtual Appliance is the same software application as operated for the web data service, but is a software package licensed for operation on a clients own network. Timeview TVA is design to receive and forward time series data and alarms from large numbers of ISODAQ GPRS Telemetry Loggers. Timeview TVA has a browser interface ...

    By Isodaq Technology - Hydro-Logic Group based in Bromyard, UNITED KINGDOM. from Timeview TVA Telemetry Server Software Software line

  • AlsoEnergy - Solar Utility Telemetry and Control Software

    Some customer projects require that monitoring technology must integrate with metering, inverter on/off controls, or full SCADA controls for the local utility. AlsoEnergy monitoring solutions can satisfy your utility telemetry spec. We have integrated AlsoEnergy monitoring with utility infrastructure for a variety of project needs. Utilities and ...

    By AlsoEnergy, Inc. based in Boulder, COLORADO (USA).

  • HydroTel - Flood Warning System

    HydroTel is iQuest's flagship telemetry system. It has proven itself in many demanding applications worldwide as a leading-edge, high performance hydrological and environmental telemetry monitoring and database system. HydroTel is used by the majority of regional councils in New Zealand and Australia as their front-line environmental ...

    By iQuest (NZ) Ltd. based in Hamilton, NEW ZEALAND.

  • Isodaq - Version TimeBase4 - Time Series Data Management System

    TimeBase is the very latest time-series data management system developed by Hydro-Logic for use in environmental and industrial applications where time-series data has been collected using data loggers and in particular telemetry data loggers.

    By Isodaq Technology - Hydro-Logic Group based in Bromyard, UNITED KINGDOM. from Time Series Data Management System Software line

  • IntelliSOFD-x - Version XIPS - Intelligent Satellite Operations Fault Diagnosis Software

    IntelliSOFD-x (Intelligent Satellite Operations Fault Diagnosis – XIPS) is a software prototype developed by GlobVision for early detection and isolation of anomalies in Xenon Ion Propulsion System (XIPS) thrusters of Anik F1 telecommunications satellite using telemetry data. The fault diagnosis methods integrated into the ...

    By GlobVision Inc. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • TCOM - Viewer Software

    TCOM Viewer is a software interface between Windows PCs and Orenco's TCOM remote telemetry control panels.  The interface stores configurations for multiple sites, has a simplified 'double-click to select' mouse interface for menu items, and offers new screen color choices for better visibility.  Sites can be sorted by factory ...

    By Orenco Systems Inc. based in Sutherlin, OREGON (USA).

  • Hydro-Logic - Version HydroLog4 - Time-Series Database System

    HydroLog4 is a time-series database system which was first developed by Hydro-Logic Ltd in 1988. The system has since been widely used in the UK as a database for managing data collected by large networks of data loggers and telemetry outstations installed at hydrometric, water resources or wastewater monitoring stations.   The pedigree ...

    By Isodaq Technology - Hydro-Logic Group based in Bromyard, UNITED KINGDOM. from Time-Series Database System Software line

  • RealiteQ - Cloud Based SCADA System

    RealiteQ is a cloud/internet based SCADA system: by using fourth generation SCADA system infrastructure cost of the SCADA reduced by adopting the Internet of Things (IoT) technology with available cloud computing. RealiteQ web (Cloud) SCADA solution, which developed as end-to-end (Telemetry, UI/HMI software & Service) Information and ...

    By Reali Technologies LTD. based in Zur Yigal, ISRAEL.

  • Trimble eRespond - Complete and Proven Solution for Identifying and Managing Network Incidents

    The rising marginal cost of producing clean water together with increasing demand and higher expectations of reliability and quality of service leaves utilities facing an uphill challenge - managing aging networks with limited resources. eRespond is a complete and proven solution for identifying and managing network incidents from the first ...

    By Trimble’s Water Division based in Newport Beach, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Sonardyne - Riser Profiling System

    Sonardyne's Riser Profiling System provides operators with a wireless real-time vertical profile of current speed and direction, temperature and inclination of risers deployed from drilling or production vessels. The system can be used stand alone or integrated within Sonardyne's Marksman acoustic positioning system which is used as a Dynamic ...

    By Sonardyne International Ltd. based in Hampshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Data Presentation

    EIT provides software data reporting by reports, graphs and GIS style thematic mapping. Normal sensor data can be displayed in the EIT graphics program. For viewing soil moisture data we have developed a special mapping module which allows easy viewing of data at the various monitoring points throughout the telemetry network. Using the Mapping ...

    By Environment Information Technology Pty Ltd based in Ballina, AUSTRALIA.

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    BeadedStream Platform

    With the BeadedStream platform you can reliably measure, transmit, store and analyze your temperature data from anywhere on the planet.

    By BeadedStream based in Anchorage, ALASKA (USA).

  • aquaHub - Digital Receiver Software

    The aquaHub is the core of the system deployed in the field. It detects underwater acoustic communications from nearby aquaMeasure sensors (DO, SAL, POD) and transmits the data to the cloud. The hub consists of a digital receiver (miniRX) and communications modem that is housed in a rugged, waterproof and weather resistant box that can be attached ...

    By Realtime Aquaculture based in Bedford, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA).

  • addVANTAGE Pro 6.4

    addVANTAGE Professional is Adcon's universal data visualization, processing and distribution platform. It is fully web based, runs on a fast and reliable HSQL database engine, and is fully scalable from a single user version for 5 RTU's to a super server, serving thousands of cients and thousands of RTU's.

    By Adcon Telemetry - OTT Hydromet based in Klosterneuburg, AUSTRIA.

  • Software

    Embedded low-level software provides instrument control via serial communication and enables cross-platform operation (PC, PDA etc, either wired or wireless). Optional advanced high-level software operating on the Windows™ platform provides an intuitive graphical user interface, real-time output display, data review and adds intelligence. ...

    By Multisensor Systems Ltd based in Stockport, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • A2A ASCII Export

    Customers, who use Adcon's own SCADA software addVANTAGE Pro, frequently need their data to be imported into other applications. While in many cases import via the Adcon addUPI interface will be faster and much more convenient, it sometimes is necessary to exchange data in conventional file format. For this purpose Adcon has developed the A2A ...

    By Adcon Telemetry - OTT Hydromet based in Klosterneuburg, AUSTRIA.

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    Agilaire AirVision™ - Asset Tracking Module

    Agilaire offers AirVision™, the first software that addresses current air monitoring needs while accommodating future technical innovations.

    By Agilaire, LLC based in Knoxville, TENNESSEE (USA). from Asset Tracking Module Software line

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