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- Version Omega 11 - Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)


Omega 11 is a premier Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for analytical testing and research laboratories. Handling virtually every phase of laboratory operations, Omega 11 is designed to be an end-to-end solution that is easily configured to each laboratory’s unique business practices.

  • Project Initiation: set up client information, testing requirements and QC criteria.
  • Sample Management: oversee samples throughout their lifecycle with an internal chain of custody.
  • Laboratory Prep & Analysis: interface with  instrumentation and collect analytical information in an easily searchable database.
  • Analytical Quality Control: automatically flag QC samples exceeding limits to streamline the data review process.
  • Data Reporting: generate template or custom analytical reports in seconds.

  • Manage samples throughout lifecycle
  • Automate operations with workflow planners
  • Interface equipment & instrumentation
  • Generate analytical reports
  • Streamline analytical QC with data checkers
  • Track standards & reagents
  • Manage documents & SOPs
  • Create a paperless laboratory
  • Store information in SQL database
  • Interface with accounting systems
  • Monitor KPIs with management dashboards
  • Harvest data with ad hoc reports

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