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Air Quality Data Acquisition; In automatic monitoring stations, Data Management starts with the collection of data from sensors and analyzers and first processing steps including automatic data validation, pre-aggregation and local storage. Furthermore, local intelligence is needed to run functional tests/calibrations on analyzers and to supervise the status of all active elements in a station. In the field, one meets a wide range of monitoring station architectures and user needs. KISTERS helps you in selecting the best fit solution for your needs from its range of Data Acquisition products.


The AQMAS-1000 is a versatile IP data logger designed to simplify your life in managing air quality and further environmental data. Multiple I/O channels and straightforward powerful software in a box ready to be deployed. Support for >200 communication protocols. Test cycle and calibrator control options.


AquisNet DAS is a model kit to design tailor-made Data Acquisition solutions from selected KISTERS‘ software modules and a adapted hardware components. Features: routed IP communication throughout the entire network with each individual I/O channel, data acquisition, validation, aggregation, circular data buffers, 5’’ real-time analyzer data, functional tests.

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