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Plan and perform your field trips on laptops and mobile devices. We configure your digital entry forms according your onsite workflows and procedures. On rugged tablets your field personnel is guided through the process of readings and calibration measurements, samplings, observations, maintenance checks or repair tasks. Stay self-sufficient when you are offline. The collected field information is automatically assigned to your groundwater well, gauging station, climate station or sampling area next time when you are online or back in the office.

Measure your performance
Setup your observation targets at the beginning of the season. Assign and coordinate your observation cycles for primary flood gauges, groundwater wells or gauging stations. Monitor the frequency of your visits and check if you are on track reaching agreed quality targets.

Any type of observation
There is much to do, when you are onsite. We make sure that you use your time efficiently and setup individual checklists and entry masks for you. Choose from a series of different entry fields for readings and measurements, water quality samplings, calibration measurements as well as for maintenance and repair tasks. We configure your forms according to your onsite workflow. Your screen, your FieldVist! … and “Yes”: you can take pictures and upload videos.

Information to go
No network? – no worries! Make sure that you download all relevant information beforehand in the office. For your reference we keep a full history of field inspections that you will follow you into the field. FieldVisit comes with its own offline storage and operates nicely when offline. Upload the results of your field trip next time when you are online or back in the office.

Back in the office
Only regularly maintained stations deliver good data. When you validate your data full access to all relevant field recordings is expedient. If “construction on site”, “blocked gauges”, “low battery” or “dirty sensors”, identify the reasons for periods of bad data from the recent visits. Always keep an eye on the next planned visits and schedule overdue visits as earliest possible.

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