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A unique chance to build your single point of truth; We offer real time combination of monitoring networks with meteorological and hydrological forecast in a single and scalable system. Automatic data validation, model orchestration and re-import of model results comes out of the box. If you integrate all your data types at the root, the dissemination of results into portals becomes much easier. With a clear and transparent software architecture you save time and minimise your operational costs.

Produce the best data for your models
Forecast centre rely on mature monitoring networks and the availability of their external data sources. It is good practise that all data is fetched in overlapping intervals to mitigate the risk of data gaps. With the same intention redundant sensor and logger systems are installed at the flood gauges and ideally the model run starts with a complete data set without any missing values. Nevertheless gaps are happening. Our proven time series technology provides a series of automatic gap filling routines and rule based time series mergers to ensure the highest level of data completion. It is the same mechanism which detects erroneous data, takes out spikes or correct shifts and drifts straight after data arrival; just before we send your best data to your models.

Build your single point of truth
Drought, tidal, rainfall run off or hydraulic models, they all need their data in their operational storages. The reasons are obvious: performance and independency. However, if the data only resides there, forecast centres run at risk to build decentral data repositories with different data states. Our solution has been operationally proven to act as the central repository – speaking the point of truth- for all hydro-meteorological data. If you integrate all your data at the root, your architecture becomes transparent and downstream processes like data dissemination or offline analytics will be much easier.

Integrate, validate and classify your forecast
As the single point of truth our solution delivers your best data to all your acting forecast models. If deterministic forecasts, probabilistic ensembles or “station at risks”, we can import all results to sit next to your measurements side by side. You can setup your own rules to classify the model results against alarm levels and critical thresholds. A comprehensive set of flood analytics supports you to derive meaningful event statistics that you can easily publish in the web. Bad model runs can be identified centrally and taken offline until better results are available.

Share results with your stakeholders
A clear backend architecture helps you to control the relevant data dissemination processes. Our portal technology sits on top of your repository and protects your operational environment from public access. Provide a role based login to respond to the different needs of your stakeholder groups. Citizens, flood operators or decision makers see their tailored environment with information products that speaks their language. You can share more than screens. Downstream applications requesting the underlying data have access to our open interfaces serving the data through open standards (such as provided by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). Explore our open industry standard in addition to complete the offering of your forecast portal.

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