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- Air and Noise Quality Software



Kunak AIR Cloud is a web platform on the cloud, for the advanced analysis of data for air quality, noise and other environmental factors, and the remote configuration and management of the devices. It allows the storage, processing, analysis and exporting of the data collected by any device or sensor, offering detailed information and advanced processing, autonomy, mobility, scalability and a simple remote calibration tool. Kunak API allows the integration of all collected information onto other websites or platforms, for example, the displaying of relevant data on a council website.

There is an APP version for Movil Kunak Watcher.

  • Multi-device and multi-sensor remote configuration
  • User profiles, permissions and access to devices
  • Very high precision and geo-located data
  • Real-time multi-device and multi-sensor analysis
  • Advanced air quality statistics
  • Traceability of actions
  • Remote calibration

  • Plug & play
  • No installation required
  • Without development and administration
  • Remote configuration from any place and device
  • Different user profiles from a single account
  • Remote management and configuration of equipment
  • Allows sharing of information between users
  • Data limit set according to requirements
  • Advanced statistical processing
  • Air quality specific graphics  (pollution rose, polar diagram…)
  • Remote calibration for high precision
  • Automated update and improvements
  • Immediate availability of new functions


  • Hosted on Amazon Web Services
  • Scalable, secure and with very high availability
  • Database redundancy


  • Encrypted and direct communication with the devices
  • Bidirectional (allows remote configuration)
  • Reliable communications
  • Efficient protocol for low battery and data usage


  • High precision in relation to official stations
  • Information- 100% accurate and reliable
  • Scalable storage
  • Export to different formats (csv, txt, etc)
  • API REST for programmatic insertion and  extraction
  • Automated alerts in real-time


  • User creation and management
  • Single account for all services
  • Configurable access profiles and permissions
  • Shared access to devices

  • Urban air quality networks
  • Traffic information and management systems
  • Urban and industrial noise level control
  • Plans and strategies of Sustainable Urban Development EDUSI
  • RED.ES Projects ofDigital Services for the citizen and the Administration
  • Emission control
  • Monitoring of industrial perimeters
  • Pollution control
  • Industrial and Urban Safety
  • Smart Cities
  • Research on air quality
  • Compliance with environmental  impact regulations
  • Dynamic pollution map
  • Environmental Impact Assesments

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