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- Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

LABbase is a laboratory information management system based on the tools blomesystem® Designer and blomesystem® Reportgenerator, able to be adjusted exactly in accordance with the special needs of each customer. It contains all the functionalities necessary for everyday work routines of a professional laboratory. We regularly compare the suggestions of our clients with the experiences of our support personnel, implementing them into the development of our software. This way our products are subject to permanent improvement and further development.

Multilingual User Interface
Graphical user interface and master data can be translated into many languages. At the moment, the applications are available in German, French and English. We offer a module for the translation of mask and block titles, as well as of field labels etc. You can always choose a separate report language, independently from the one generally set for the GUI.

Multi-client capability
You company consists of multiple locations? All you need with LABbase® is a central database — the master data can be used jointly. Defined user rights regulate the access of various users to the system.

Basic functionalities (examples):

  • General functions and data management (e.g. user/address management)
  • Role-based user concept
  • Full sample processing beginning with the master data level up to order and sample data
  • Possibility to store binary objects (pictures, documents, test reports etc.)
  • Limit value management
  • Observation of history values
  • Device management
  • Follow-up function
  • Sample evaluation and release
  • Compilation of findings
  • Reporting (e.g. management/creation of test reports on the basis of templates)
  • Audit-Trail

Beside general analysis and commercial modules for the creation of offers and accounting, there are also additional modules for particular areas of appplication, such as veterinary medicine, human medicine, food products and radioactivity, as well as a module for processing control samples in the production area. As an addition to the comprehensive LABbase® functions we have introduced a web module, allowing for the data exchange on the basis of web services.

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