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Labcore is a highly configurable, comprehensive and interoperable web-based laboratory data management software (LDMS) that focuses on improving productivity and reducing paper for analytical laboratories especially environmental labs that test air, soil, water and food. Labcore completely automates the collection of data from instruments and other data system such as LIMS and dramatically expedites the review and assembly of final deliverable reports. The result is a paperless process that mitigates risk and human error and enables reports containing thousands of documents and raw data can be created and assembled in a few minutes.

 Key Success Differentiators:
•    Tight integration with virtually any LIMS
•    Completely automated capture and upload of instrument data
•    Automated merge of analytical runs with streamline workflow tools and dashboard 
•    Configurable workflow and report generation
•    Intuitive interface allowing rapid adoption and deployment
•    Rapid data package assembly of reports containing even thousands of pages 
•    High quality paginated and bookmarked PDF reports that customers desire

Labcore is a one-stop-shop for all the documents produced in the laboratory. You can upload documents to Labcore from every source. The only requirement is that they are valid PDF documents.

When PDF documents are uploaded to Labcore, they are automatically put into small packages called “Run Data” packages. A Run Data package contains everything needed to perform a review of the data – including calibration documents. Labcore knows which documents to expect; thus, allowing progress to be tracked.

The run data package is uploaded and automatically assigned for review to the relevant person or group of persons who are responsible for the first level of review.

With the built-in preview function, Labcore users can approve, reject and assign documents using the keyboard shortcuts. When a document has been processed Labcore automatically displays the next document in the queue

The typical workflow is based on the analyst. Meaning that Labcore automatically assigns the documents produced in the labto the person who made the analysis and then performs the first review. An analyst based workflow is often combined with the ad-hoc workflow.

This is a very flexible approach to the review process where the person who just performed a review can assign the document / package to either a specific person or a group. We normally recommend the ad-hoc workflow in combination with the analyst based workflow in the sense that we use the analyst to figure out who should do the first review and then allow the analyst to pick who should perform peer-review.

A typical scenario is the instrument-based workflow were Labcore, based on the instrument used to perform the analysis, assigns one or more people as responsible for each level of review.

Each analyst is associated with a department. For each level of review, the department has one or more people assigned.

Complex data packages are created in seconds with the click of a button. Labcore gathers relevant documents and prepares a PDF for review.

Rapid Assembly of Data Packages
The process of creating, assembling and tracking all data and documents required for a complex data package or report is very time consuming and difficult to manage. Independent studies indicate laboratories spend between 20-50% of their staff time searching for data and documents and assembling these reports. Labcore assembles any type of data package in seconds, from a small Level 1 reports containing 50 pages to complex Level 3, Level 4 CLP, or CLP-like data packages which may contain many thousands of pages. Labcore does it quickly and creates a collated, paginated report with a table of contents. The cost and time savings to labs are significant and proven!

Data Package Overview
Users within the Labcore system can drill down and see the status of all data packages as well as create a new data package based on laboratory defined templates. Labcore integrates with your laboratory instrument and LIMS system, captures and properly places all documents, reports and raw instrument data into the appropriate data package folder.

File System View of Data Package Files
Labcore users have all the information they need to monitor and track the progress of individual data packages and associated files through the entire process. They can quickly see the status of a data package and even display what documents are missing from the data package. Labcore users can also assemble, review and approve data packages as one PDF complete with a bookmarked table of contents.

Seamless Integration with all Lab Informatics
Labcore differentiates itself from other solutions because it seamlessly ties together all lab informatics systems, such as LIMS and laboratory instruments. Labcore’s solution automatically captures, identifies and organizes data and documents and assembles complete data packages as well as analytical runs for review and archival.

All data and documents are searchable in Labcore. Customer and auditor requests for archived results or reports are delivered in seconds.

Exceed Customer Expectations
Being able to deliver high quality, accurate data packages and reports to customers is imperative for any laboratory. Expectations need to be exceeded in order to retain customers and stay competitive in the market place. Customers want results faster, cheaper and with higher quality and accuracy than ever before. Labcore enables your laboratory to do just that and make your customers very happy!

Search and Retrieval of Results in No Time
Requirements to archive data for 10 years or more make it very challenging to store and then retrieve data and documents for customers or regulators upon request. Labcore enables users to find and retrieve documents quickly by searching via attributes like Work Order Number, Customer ID, SDG#, Instrument ID, Analyst or whatever metadata and keywords your laboratory determines is most useful. It also allows users to search documents using a powerful full text search.

Document Control, View, Identification and Full Version History
Labcore captures, identifies and stores all laboratory data and documents by integrating with laboratory instruments and other data systems. It is tightly integrated with your LIMS and identifies the documents as they come into Labcore. It also allows laboratory analysts and managers to manually identify documents if insufficient metadata is available. Once in Labcore, all documents are given a workflow and document type (either automatically by Labcore or manually) and these documents are tracked with full document controls including versioning and audit trail.

High Quality Data Package Deliverables
Labcore automatically collates, paginates and assembles a clean and consistent data package or report as specified with a table of contents containing hyperlinked bookmarks to allow customers to quickly get to what they need to see.

Labcore enables a near paperless laboratory. Reduce paper costs by more than 90% and reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Lower Cost and Eco-Friendly
In the typical U.S. Environmental Laboratory, each employee consumes 60,000 pages per year. With an estimated paper cost of $.07 to $.10 per page, that’s a minimum of $252,000 annually for paper and ink costs alone for a mid-sized 60 person laboratory. Unfortunately, the trend is towards greater demand for paper and increasing costs for labs using a paper-based system. However, Labcore can reverse that trend by dramatically reducing and even eliminating the need and use of paper in a laboratory.

Automated Capture of Instrument Data and Documents
At all points, the documents and data will be captured at the earliest possible stage which eliminates, or drastically reduces, paper used at the laboratory. Labcore uses a paperless and automated “print to PDF” process creating substantial time savings, improved accuracy and a greener, ‘eco-friendly” operation.

Paperless Workflow and Editing Tools
Labcore’s built-in ad-hoc, instrument-based, and department-based workflows are configured to mimic the individual laboratories existing paper-based review process. Labcore integrates with existing and popular PDF editing tools so users can edit and sign them electronically. Edited documents are versioned so that data packages use the most current version of an analytical run or report, with all earlier versions archived and available for review.

Browser Based Access and Flexible Server Based Storage
Labcore allows users to quickly access their work through a secure permission-based browser application. There is no longer a need to print. All data and documents are stored in a very flexible and scalable server storage file system that allows users to quickly search and retrieve reports, instrument data or documents in seconds. Emailing customers is the delivery mechanism used instead of printing 100’s or 1,000’s of pages and shipping them. Consider the paper, shipping, and time savings!

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