Land Camera Viewer / Viewer+ Software


Free software download enabling visualisation of thermal data produced by ARC, NIR, NIR-B and NIR-B 3XR infrared cameras. Easy to use interface with simple configuration choices. Free software download enabling viewing, analysis and storage of thermal imaging data captured by AMETEK Land’s infrared cameras. A premium version, Viewer+, offers smart configuration for standalone operations.

Designed for use with ARC, NIR, NIR-B and NIR-B 3XR imagers, Camera Viewer provides a free, easy-to-use solution for thermal image processing using a Windows PC installed with Window 7 or higher.

Once installed, connection to camera is simple using the menu. A clear, intuitive interface quickly enables you to study imaging data in three different views. 

Camera Viewer is designed for single camera operation, and is suitable for images being used in industries including glass, hydrocarbon processing, industrial processing, minerals, power generation and steel. For multiple thermal imagers, LIPS software is recommended.

Camera Viewer is AMETEK Land’s image processing software for ARC, NIR, NIR-B and NIR-B 3XR cameras.

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