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LDAR Tools Inc

- Version LTI MSS - Mobile Pro Add-Ons Monitoring Software


Designed to enable timely, automated, reliable and documented management of all MSS events associated with piping and components subject to leak detection and repair monitoring requirements. Auto store GPS during monitoring or tagging. Vicinity Location Assistance for Tech. GPS assist to key locations and landmarks. Map each monitoring event. Map position at 2-minute intervals. Quick view of results via Google Maps. Display “NO GPS” signal status of Tech. Lock-out Comport. Average successive GPS events into component data. Use Centroids to repair/enhance Route Seq..

  • Safety Awareness Stops
  • Auto DTM Checklists
  • Time-stamped JSA w/ GPS
  • Confined Space Control
  • Display SDS’s
  • Manage High Background
  • Unit Hazard Notices
  • Future Features
  • Reason for “Unable to Monitor”
  • Reason for “No First Attempt Repair”
  • HRVOC Immediate Reporting
  • OEL
  • AVO
  • Replacement Tags
  • Missing Tags
  • Suspect Tags
  • Ghost Tags
  • Unknown Components
  • Out-of-Sequence Components
  • Daily Technician Productivity Score based on site -specific targets and priorities
  • Daily analysis of data with emails of threshold events or anomalies to designated parties
  • Check Tag feature to assure Tag Maintenance focus and integrity
Main Features
  • Desktop Module sync’s with handheld device
  • Enables Technician to electronically record all MSS monitoring and follow-up activities
  • Eleven, customizable pick lists enable you to ensure compliance with your requirements
  • Program tracks and prompts all MSS- based deadlines and activities
  • Full inspection record, including 11 fields 
  • Ability to track each item until it is marked as Resolved
  • Customizable filter for preparing reports

Data Collected
Database maintains all relevant data, including 25 different data elements, such as:

  1. Activity
  2. Sample Type
  3. VOC Concentration Limit
  4. Monitor Durations
  5. Created Constraint
  6. Leak Constraint
  7. Follow-up Monitoring

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