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- Version LDM 8 - LDAR Emissions Mobile Software for Handheld Computer


Since 2005, LeakDAS Mobile Edition (LDM) software for handheld computers has been the industry standard for LDAR field monitoring, repairing and tagging. LDM is an integral part of your Fugitive Emissions compliance program. It is an extension of your LeakDAS v4 LDAR Data Management System. LDM takes your compliance records out into the field where monitoring technicians will be guided through the processes of Method 21 monitoring, repair information collection, and component tagging or editing. LeakDAS bundled with LeakDAS Mobile forms a complete end-to-end data collection and management system that is designed from the ground up to work in harmony. Your compliance data is critical to your success. That’s why LDAR professionals trust LeakDAS Mobile.


For Android, iPad and Windows

LeakDAS Mobile Edition has been completely redesigned and is changing the way LDAR data collection is performed in the field. By leveraging the intuitive user interface and large screen size of tablets running the latest Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows operating systems, LDM8 streamlines work processes to give you fewer data collection errors, it serves up better on-screen information for making decisions, and ensures truer compliance with Method 21. Not only that, it’s FASTER than anything you’ve ever used for LDAR field work.

Smarter Operating Systems = Smarter LDAR

For over a decade, we’ve all had to rely on handheld data collection devices that are slaves to the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system. Give yourself a reality check. The newest version of that operating system dates back to 2009 and Microsoft has stopped updating it. Many LDAR field technicians are still using equipment running a 10 year old version of Windows Mobile. Would you rely on a cell phone that’s 5 or 10 years old? Do you want to trust a 5 or 10 year old platform with your compliance data? Until now, you’ve had no choice. LDM8 is a game changer. It gives you all the justification you need to get off of Windows Mobile, catch up with today’s technology, and position your LDAR program for the future. A future that costs less.

What hardware do I need for LDM8?

Contact us to discuss your options. We are shipping tablets that meet Class I/Div 1 or 2 requirements.

Will InspectionLogic stop supporting older versions of LeakDAS Mobile?

Not at all. In fact we have released an update to LeakDAS Mobile 7 called LDM 7e but, LDM8 is a superior product and we know you will want to upgrade as soon as you can. Our mission is to help you use LeakDAS products to stay in compliance and optimize your field operations. With InspectionLogic you get software you need from people you trust.

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