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The LEAKSSuite softwares were created by Allan Lambert of ILMSS Ltd., the leader of the first IWA Water Losses Task Force, who is responsible for many of the current analytical advances in water loss control.  In Canada, the softwares are distributed by Veritec Consulting Inc. who support the IWA Water Losses Task Force activities, and can provide training, technical advice and support on an ‘as required’ basis.

Starting with the free CheckCalcs software, Water Utilities can now quickly:

  • Become familiar with the ‘4 Component’ approach to the management of real losses.
  • Assess annual real (physical) losses volume from a standard IWA water balance.
  • Use the World Bank Institute banding system to grade their leakage management performance against international standards and identify key priority activities appropriate to their situation.
  • Identify opportunities and possible ranges of benefits from pressure management.

Individual Utilities wishing to proceed further can purchase low cost Site Licences for Standard softwares – PIFastCalcs – IWA Water Audit/Water Balance Software, PresCalcs – Pressure Management Software, ALCCalcs – Active Leakage Control Software and ELLCalcs – Economic Leakage Level Software.  

Utility personnel can use these softwares for familiarisation with the basic concepts and calculations.  These can later be customised and enhanced to the Utility’s specific requirements if required, or specific new softwares created, as Professional softwares. Various versions of LEAKSSuite software are currently in use in over 20 countries.

The aim of LEAKSSuite is simple – to assist and encourage Water Utilities anywhere in the World to improve their leakage management performance.

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