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- Version DL-SC3 - Data Logging Software/Cables


Our Digital Products are capable of transmitting data to a computer via an RS-232 serial connection. DL-SC3 is a proprietary data logging software and cable bundle that was developed to view and chart real-time measurements as well as log data with date and time stamps for easy analysis in Microsoft Excel.

  • Specifically for OS-4, OS-6, SM-4, SM-6, A-22, and UV-100.
  • Log real-time measurements to a file with date & time stamps.
  • Open saved log files for quick and easy review.
  • Logged data is compatible with analysis software such as Microsoft Excel.
  • Includes the DL-C3: RS-232 Communication Cable Bundle with custom RS-232 Serial Data Cable and USB-to-Serial Adapter for easy connection between the computer and the instrument.
  • All software and drivers are included on a multipurpose 2 GB USB drive.
  • Compatible with Windows XP and Windows 7.

The DL-C3: RS-232 Communication Cable Bundle includes all the cables required to transmit data from our digital instrument to a computer. The bundle includes a custom RS-232 Serial Data Cable and a USB-to-Serial Adapter. A multipurpose 2 GB USB drive includes all the required drivers as well as 3rd-party data logging software.

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