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Inspecting FSEs usually entails a pass/fail status based on facility observations and grease & solids layers within trap/interceptor. LinkoFOG™ software provides unique capabilities to schedule and manage high volume FSE inspections. This includes configuring/ customizing the inspection forms and reports.

  • Initial / Ongoing Inspections - Verify existing FSEs, characterize new FSEs, identify change of ownership & renovations. Schedule follow-up inspections based on the needed frequency.
  • Trap Inspections - Track thickness of grease and solids layers. LinkoFOG™ will automatically calculate % grease, flag non-compliance and prompt you to generate a Notice of Violation (NOV) or Warning letter.
  • Scheduling - Generate inspection task lists by inspector and section of town to reduce time and distance between inspections.
  • Planning/Construction Inspections - Record acceptance, modifications, dates and schedule follow-up activities. Create letters and schedules for all phases of new FSE construction.

  • Tells you who to inspect  and when
  • Yearly inspection schedules are made in minutes
  • Quickly see what FSE are failing inspections
  • Decrease drive time between inspections
  • Reminders make sure all inspections take place
  • Saves time by generating your field inspection form

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