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Location Analytics and Customised Road Networks Software


Combining state-of-the-art GIS technology with over thirty years of experience, ISL provides a range of software and consultancy services that enable clients to improve the management of location & transport intensive operations as well as strategic decision making.

Location Analytics is a field of GIS through which clients can assess the optimal location too, for example, site a series of service depot across the country. Through location-based analysis clients can manipulate layers of data that could include:

  • Demography
  • Client spend
  • Road based travel time from site to customer locations
  • Revenue versus transport costs per client, order or geographic area
  • Assessment of costs site by site

Manipulation and analysis of the data in the GIS empowers users to make more informed decisions on a strategic and operational level. Graphs and charts of course illustrate business data well enough but with geo-enabled data, decision makers can visualise the data on a map seeing for the first time new trends and patterns. Location analytics can be shared enterprise-wide or even shared with business partners and clients via web-based mapping platforms.

Customised Road Networks is a less well known but just as significant a branch of GIS technology. Many companies use road network map data from providers such as Here (formerly Navteq), Google Maps and the Ordnance Survey. However, these providers may not contain data that is unique to a client. For example, forest tracks may not be on the map from the Ordnance Survey but fully loaded trucks hauling cut trees should be navigated along them replete with hazard warnings such as ‘overhead power cables’, ‘damaged culvert’ and ‘harvesting area ahead’. Other examples include ensuring that waste collection vehicles only collect with facing uphill or to ensure that postman deliver up one side of the street and down the other or ‘meander’ (cross the road). Service times per product/service is unique to each business sector even though they are serving the same street and/or property – the average time taken to read the gas meter is longer to empty the residual waste bin.

With GIS the base map can be altered to include streets, paths, alleys, etc that do not appear on the original but that are used by operatives to provide a service. In addition, turn restrictions, one-way instructions and similar can be changed, added or deleted on a permanent or time restricted basis. Moreover, these additions can be used for route planning and route optimisation, and are fully navigable with ISL’s Navigator software solution –

Such sector specific details are easily handled in the GIS as part of a customised road network. ISL provides all the services required to ensure an optimal use of GIS technology including:

  • Advice, analysis and smartphone / tablet Apps for service time data gathering
  • Management of map updates from service providers
  • Automation of data flows
  • GIS technology assessment and options
  • Selection of map providers
  • Analysis of service data
  • Base map customisation
  • Geocoding services
  • System integration / interfacing

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