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LubeTrak compiles individual MicroLab oil reports into a consolidated database of historical information.  This allows fleet managers to view and manage their MicroLab oil analysis results across the entire fleet. This fleet-level view can be used to assess the health of the entire fleet to optimize maintenance program and practices.

LubeTrak’s web-based, subscription data management system provides pre-configured reports and the option to custom-design reports. LubeTrak offers companies an on-line reporting solution to view, track, trend and share oil analysis results throughout your organization. The dashboard graphics provide an equipment overview, consolidates the latest results, and shows ‘red-flag’ problems.

1. Powerful Visual Summary of Your Data “At A Glance”: With our continuously updated Dashboard view, you can see all of your test data summarized in one place and easily viewed in colorful, graphic charts

2. Monitor Trends Using Graphic Charts: Puts complicated information into an easy-to-understand format of graphs or charts.  Charts are automatically created for you by selecting filters to provide a visual representation of contaminants, wear levels, and other factors tracked

3. Customizable: Customized reports so each subscriber has the option to create reports to fit their own specific reporting needs -just by clicking filtering options from the menu

4. Alert System: Alerts are sent to your computer or mobile phone and can be tailored to each subscriber’s concerns and internal distribution needs

5. Ability to Streamline internal Communications:  A single summary view in the Management Summary format

6. Broad Range of Pre-configured Report Options:  Just click and select filters to access 11 report views, enabling users to choose if they want to drill-down to very detailed views or not

7. Individual Equipment Management Monitoring Tool:  With an easy option to display equipment history, LubeTrak can be used as an important tool in a total Equipment Asset Management Program

8. User Administration System: Permits the administrator (as designated for each subscribing company) to add or delete users, and grant each individual user password protected access to specific reports

9. User Preference System: Permits each user to determine when and how information is received, how it’s displayed, and how that user can communicate with others

10. Multiple Language Options for Reporting:  Enables usage without need for translation in many countries

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