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LuciadRIA offers Geospatial Situational Awareness in the browser with the fluency and speed of a desktop application. The software components of LuciadRIA allow for the development of advanced and easy-to-use browser applications, using today’s most advanced web-based technologies (HTML5, AJAX and WebGL).


LuciadRIA includes many software components and application capabilities to meet the demands of the Aviation, Defense, Maritime, Public Safety & Homeland Security and Utilities & Logistics domains.

Luciadria is Valued for:

  • High performance and retained accuracy
  • Enabling desktop-like visualization of imagery, satellite pictures, vector-based data and dynamic content, such as tracks
  • Straightforward development of interactive browser-based user interfaces, including editing of content and map annotations


Tried and tested by developers in the most demanding industries, Luciad's software components are known for their ease of use, completeness, high performance, accuracy and flexibility. Our customers enjoy a significantly faster development process, lowest total cost of ownership, a predictable and consistently high performance as well as retained data accuracy.

Flexible & Rapid Development

  • Cleanly designed software components
  • Full desktop-like capabilities with editing and annotation capability
  • Compatible with any HTML5-capable browser including mobile browsers, no plug-ins to be installed


High Performance & Accuracy

  • Fully leverages HTML5 technology
  • High performance visualization of imagery, vector based data and dynamic content such as tracks
  • Precision on world scale for visualization, transformation and calculation of any data


Domain Focus

  • Developed to support mission critical big data
  • Support for domain-relevant symbologies, such as MS2525 and APP6 for Defense and Security
  • Support for standard web-services and other web technologies (e.g. W3C, OGC)


Customizability & Integration

  • Integration in other Rich Internet Application technologies such as Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and SharePoint
  • Integration in networked and cloud-based environments
  • Straightforward development of interactive browser-based user interfaces, including editing of content and map annotations

LuciadRIA includes many software components and application capabilities that have been designed specifically for the needs of the Aviation, Defense, Maritime, Public Safety, Homeland Security and Utilities & Logistics domains.

  • Aviation: Browser-based applications for air traffic control (ATC), air traffic management (ATM), aeronautical information services (AIS) and management (AIM) systems
  • Defense: Browser extension of C4ISR system, intelligence sharing, common operational picture (COP)
  • Public Safety & Homeland Security: Common operational picture for all stakeholders, briefing tool, unit tracking
  • Utilities & Logistics: Public info sharing, vehicle traffic control, infrastructure asset management

Functional Specifications
Below is a high-level, non-exhaustive overview of the components available in LuciadRIA. You can use the functionality of these components either out-of-the-box or extend them to meet your advanced requirements.

Model any data format, load big data intelligently, load data asynchronously (Ajax), and represent complex geodetic object geometries with their metadata. Supported geometries include points, polylines, polygons, circles, ellipses, circular arcs, elliptical arcs, circular arc bands and buffers.

Visualize data in a multi-layered view. Apply flexible styling (icons, line styles, fill styles, transparency...), and create extremely versatile labels, with options for multi-line and multi-style labels, label graphics, and decluttering. High-performance imagery rendering, using multi-leveling and tiling techniques, is integrated in the view. User navigation direction is available.

Ready-to-use controller functionality includes standard controls (zoom, pan, select), freehand drawing, editing, multi-touch support (including Microsoft Pointer events and Gesture events) and snapping. You can easily create other controllers for custom interaction.

Perform on-the-fly map transformations in the browser. Visualize data in any EPSG map projection. Visualize accurate geodetic lines.

Data Connectors
Access both raster and vector data through common data exchange standards (see ‘Formats & Standards’).

Display ICAO symbology and dynamic tracks. Optimize the performance and bandwidth usage of your web applications.

Grid Layer
High performance support for the display of a longitude / latitude grid on the map.

Vertical View
A Cartesian view with the ability to display any kind of quantitative data (e.g., altitudes, distances, speed values). This view can be configured with a reference that displays these quantities in a certain unit of measure (e.g., flight level, meters, nautical miles). A wide range of customizing options is available for the annotation of the view axes. A concrete example of this view is provided in the form of a vertical view.

Optional Components

Military Symbology
Client-side creation, visualization and editing of all tactical graphics from the MS2525 and APP-6 standards, with configurable and customizable symbol styling and graphics stroking.

In addition to this component, LuciadRIA offers many application capabilities. These are ready-to-use implementations for developers of common use cases in your domain. These application capabilities are supported by LuciadLightspeed-based services. Below is a non-exhaustive overview:

  • Gazetteer search
  • Real-time track display
  • Annotation drawing and sharing
  • Flexible UI widget system (Dojo)
  • Application state store and restore
  • Google Web Toolkit (GWT) integration
  • LuciadLightspeed data support through GeoJSON services
  • LuciadLightspeed symbology service for military icons
  • LuciadLightspeed track service

LuciadRIA’s visualization and analysis capabilities are data-agnostic and complementary with any data format. Through LuciadLightspeed, all data formats supported by LuciadLightspeed are available for applications based on LuciadRIA. In addition, the following data formats, services and standards are supported natively in LuciadRIA:

Raster Data
LuciadFusion Tile Service, Bing Maps, Google Maps, OGC WMS, OGC WMTS,

Vector Data

Other Supported Standards

Military Symbology
APP-6A, APP-6B, APP-6C, MS2525b, MS2525c

KML , Filter, Simple Features, Symbology Encoding, WFS, WMS, WMTS

*Non-exhaustive list of Formats & Standards

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