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- Advanced Thermal Image Processing, Analysis and Report-Writing Software



Advanced Thermal Image Processing, Analysis, and Report-Writing Software; Advanced Image Analysis, Easy-to-use Report Writer, Multiple Built-in Language Options, Built-in Lens / Distance Calculator, Built-in Heat Loss Calculator, Thermal / Visual Image Blending, Mosaic Image Construction.

Thermal Image Display

The LumaSpec™ Offline Analyzer software from LumaSense Technologies features a full suite of tools designed for advanced image analysis of radiometric thermal image data. Tools such as average, median, sharpen, and gaussian filters allow you to highlight relevant details in thermal images. LumaSpec™ Offline Analyzer also allows you to define temperature ranges and colors to create both eight-channel static isotherms and single-channel dynamic isotherms. The analyzed images can be interpreted into an easy-to-read graphic representation of discrete temperature ranges.

Regions of Interest

The regions of interest (ROIs) feature allows you to define and label a variety of region shapes and to automatically calculate average, minimum, and maximum temperatures within those regions. When drawing a line ROI, the Line Profile feature can be used to generate a temperature vs coordinate graph along any line on the thermal image.

LumaSpec™ Offline Analyzer Report Writer

The LumaSpec™ Offline Analyzer Report Writer feature provides thermographers with a powerful, yet easy to use means of creating professional-quality reports based on data analyzed by the LumaSpec™ Offline Analyzer software.

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