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- Environment Risk Assessment Module



As environmental laws and regulations have evolved in recent years, disparities have arisen in the assessment and management of similar risks. Global organizations today must ensure that resources are used effectively to reduce risks. Environmental risk assessment is key to achieving this objective.


Harmonizing risk across your organization is essential to good governance. Understanding the impact of environmental risks help you plan and control activities that increase risk and have negative impact on the environment.

The mai Environment Risk Assessment module helps you effectively manage risk.  Now, you have the ability to monitor the performance of your organizations' interactions in accordance with international standards for environmental safety and management. The system allows you to categorize risks and impacts and generate comprehensive reports to help you make the right decision. The system includes built-in best practices to comply with ISO 14001 requirements.

  • 3-D Risk Mapping
  • Realtime information about hazards and risks for each area or activity/task
  • Visual representation of hazard (great for training or management reviews) and ability to configure you own risk assessment templates and scoring method.
  • Easy identification of hazards
  • Ensures Standard risk management ‘vocabulary’ is used across your organization.
  • Ability to include pictures to bring workplace hazards into the boardroom.
  • Comprehensive features to enable viewing of data across multiple sites for comparison purposes.
  • Unique ability to replicate hazards from one area of the site to another area if required.
  • Ability to configure risk assessments to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations across the globe as well as corporate standards e.g., manual handling, ergonomics, chemical and biological agents, machinery regulations, electricity regulations etc.
  • ... and much more!

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