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- Safety Risk Assessment Module



The mai™ Risk Assessment module makes risk assessments easy! Do you want to know exactly how many high risks there are in your organisation right now? Do you want to standardise the way risk assessments are undertaken and comply with international standards? Do you want to be able to easily delegate risk assessments? Do you want to save time and money by generating real time, faster and more accurate reports with just a mouse click?

The mai™ risk assessment module helps you to:

- Identify workplace hazards-you can configure any type of hazard into the mai™ system, and the mai™ system will then present you with a hazard identification checklist which can be used to determine if a hazard is present not.

- Complete risk assessment-the mai™ system can be configured to do numerical type risk assessments as well as pre-configured, template type risk assessments.

- Manage risk controls-the mai™ system applies the hierarchy of risk control measures to ensure that each hazard is properly managed in the workplace. Required controls are managed through the ‘Corrective and Preventive Action’ tracking system.

We have developed a free wiki tool to help organisations using the mai™ risk assessment module (please visit for more information).

Different types of media files can be used to communicate risk management information, as well as being a great aid for training people.

There are many different types of reports available from mai™ which allow you and your team to clearly visualise the risk management landscape in your organisation. Our trending reports can clearly show improvements in overall risk management.

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