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Performance dashboards put real-time business information at your fingertips. Available on the Internet from any location, they provide you with a snapshot of how your business is performing at any instant. The example shown opposite provides an analysis in percentage terms of which vehicles have been used so far today, which ones are active currently and which vehicles have not been used. It can be viewed from any browser and automatically updates through the day. At head office users can access dashboards which show the performance level at each depot, colour-coded to show utilisation levels at each location. This is an invaluable tool in monitoring fleet activity and vehicle usage patterns.

Find and track your vehicles
Using the Quartix vehicle tracking system you can track your vehicles in real-time, anytime, using any PC. There is no need for control stations or proprietary software, as everything is accessed over the internet. Standard facilities include:

  • clicking through to location maps from daily logs and reports
  • Displaying vehicle routes superimposed on maps
  • Live tracking and location of vehicles
  • Finding the nearest vehicle to a postcode.

Multiple map views
Infoplus and Corporate customers with Google maps get access to all the extra facilities available. The satellite view available with Google maps gives extra information about a vehicle's location not available with the map view, especially if the vehicle is off-road or in a depot, as the display on the right shows.

All customers are able to zoom the map scale in and out, and pan in any direction using the integrated mapping facilities.

Display vehicle routes
Each individual vehicle trip, or all journeys for a day, are displayed on the maps. Control buttons allow you to step through each of the trips in a day. If desired, each trip can be overlaid on the previous ones.

Successive vehicle positions are shown with markers. Hovering with the mouse over each marker gives a pop-up with vehicle speed and direction.

Vehicle location
Clicking on location information in reports and displays provides a map showing the vehicle location. As with the route display, hovering over the vehicle with the mouse displays a popup with vehicle location, speed and direction information.

The Quartix system also provides a search facility providing quick location of the vehicles currently nearest to a post-code, allowing you to cater for last minute deliveries or changes of route. Zooming in on a particular vehicle allows you to see its exact location, and direction and speed of travel.

Monthly speed reports - Controlling risk and fuel usage

Health and safety are of paramount importance in the management of a mobile workforce.

The monthly speed report complements the driving style tools by summarising all speeding incidents for individual groups or the fleet as a whole, covering a whole month. It works in the following way:

  • The menu allows you to select the group of vehicles, month and minimum speed threshold
  • The report shows the speed, date and time of each incidence of excessive speed, together with the time spent at above the speed threshold
  • Links to the route maps are provided for the location of the speeding incident and the day as a whole

Route reports - Eliminate overlaps and inefficient schedules

Available on either a daily or weekly basis, this key management tool is of particular value to fleets operating from multiple depots, or with groups of vehicles covering different areas. The Weekly Route Chart provides an overview of mobile workforce activity in any selected week, displayed clearly on a colour plot online. This can greatly assist you in optimising your fleet operations.

Key features of the reports:

  • 7 days' routes are summarised on a single map
  • Each vehicle or group is shown in a different colour for clarity
  • The entire UK map is accessible, including all regional and urban routes
  • Choice of available map scales
  • An omit option is provided to limit viewing (where required) to designated vehicles

Business benefits from route analysis and scheduling

These daily and weekly reports are an invaluable business tool, offering numerous financial benefits:

Cost Savings with the easy identification of journey duplication and overlap by vehicles from adjacent depots. Removing these inefficiencies will result in greatly reduced fuel expenditure and maintenance costs.

Streamlining of fleet whilst retaining excellent standards of customer service through raised levels of operation.

More Efficient Allocation of service/delivery calls through improved insight into longer term fleet activity.

Optimum Allocation of new clients to specific depots, based on a graphical overview of current routes.

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