Mapping & GPS

Mapping is essential to running any waste collection organisation whether it be skips, RORO, regular lift or residential services as in any case you need to be able to visualise where everything is in relation to each other so you effectively route or allocate the stops or bookings. For this very reason Wastedge.com has integrated with Google Maps to provide mapping functionality that allows you to do just that. The ability to see where stops and/or bookings are is core to your business and therefore is core to our software.

In addition to needing to be able to see stops and bins you need to be able to know where your trucks are at a moment's notice so that your can get ring-ins in without having to ring half a dozen drivers to work out where they are before you can allocate the job to someone who by the time you ring them back is already too far away. Wastedge.com integrates with PDAs with on-board GPS devices so that you can track your trucks on a map of the area that they are operating in. This means that you don't need to ring your trucks to find out where they are and with mobile devices you can even dispatch the jobs to them.

GPS data can be captured from either mobile data devices (eg Phone PDA or in Cab Mobile data Terminal MDT) or from an under the dashboard transmitter with embedded GPRS phone chip. The stream of data can also be picked up from other 3rd party GPS services for integration back into your operational waste operations management software in Wastedge. Typical uses are to auto determine kilometres travelled and work start-end times making it easy for you to get performance statistics per driver or per run. We can then use depot, customer and tip location address data and optional route boundary map areas as 'geo-fences' to automatically determine a range of operations management data, eg:

  • Time in and out of depots
  • Time at customer sites
  • Time to and from customer sites
  • Time at tips
  • Kilometers travelled
  • Daily Work times
  • Break time confirmation (fatigue management)
  • Etc...

Pricing for GPS mapping devices can be as low as $300 for an embedded no-interaction device and from around a dollar a day per vehicle.

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